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Daniel 6:

King Darius of Medes and Persia had 120 satraps (governors) and put 3 administrators over them.  One of the administrators was Daniel, a slave from Jerusalem in Judah.  (Africans despite been driven out of their home due to slavery and post-colonial effect will rule distant lands).  Daniel distinguished himself to the extent that the king wanted to put him over all the administrators and satraps, but they began to plan against him.  Soon, they realized that the only way to bring him down was through his belief in God (it is the God in you that makes people plot and lie against you at work or in organizations).  So they went to the king and requested that he passes an irrevocable law in writing that any man who prays to any other god or man within the next 30 days should be thrown into the lion’s den (do we make laws to improve the people, or we make them to hinder others?).  The king foolishly agreed and when they caught Daniel praying 3 times daily towards Jerusalem and to God, they went to report him to the king as the slave captive (African, Black, and inferior) from Judah, not their administrator of PersiaThe king was unable to help Daniel so he prayed that Daniel’s God should help himAll night, the king could not sleep and went to see Daniel first thing the next morning.  To his surprise and joy, Daniel was still alive and Daniel told him that because God saw no wrong in him and he actually never wronged the king, an angel from God came to shut the lions’ mouthsThe king then ordered Daniel’s release and the people who brought the unjust laws, along with their families, were given to the lions for lunchThe king then wrote a letter to declare throughout the land that the God of Daniel was the living God that endures forever and must be reverencedDaniel prospered till the time of King Cyrus.

Daniel 7:

While the Babylonian empire still existed, Daniel had a vision of a lion with wings that was uprooted, a bear with 3 ribs in his mouth that was asked to finish eating, and leopard with wings that had authority to rule, and a very powerful beast with 10 horns and iron teeth that came and trampled on everything.  Soon, a boastful little horn filled with human eyes came, broke 3 out of the 10 horns, destroyed the last beast, and took power from the first 3 beasts but were allowed to live while God was seated on the throne of judgment with thousands attending to him.  Soon, Jesus came in before God and he was given all the dominion of the entire peoples and things of the earth.  Daniel they ask one of the men in the vision what it meant and the answer was that God was going to take over the four kingdoms (4 beasts) of the earth.  Soon the little horn started defeating the saints of God until God’s judgment favored the saints and they took possession of that kingdom too.  The man told Daniel that the fourth beast will have 10 kings (10 horns) that will dominate all the earth, but another kingdom will come and subdue 3 of the kings, oppress the saints of God for a while, as well as try to change the times (true history of the world) and laws, but God will put an end to all the nonsense of the earth and the saints will rule as well as serve God forever.

Daniel 8:

During the Babylonian empire, Daniel had a vision of a ram with two long horns.  One horn was longer that the other, but grew last.  The ram was so powerful that no animal could stand in its way.  Soon a goat with a prominent horn between its eyes came from the west to defeat the ram (Greece is actually west of Persia), soon its large horn fell off and four other horns took its place.  Out of one of the four horns came another horn that grew to reach heaven and even throw out the starry bodies to the earth and trampled on them.  It even set itself up as the son of God, took the daily sacrifices from Jesus, brought the sanctuary low, God’s possessions were give to him out of his rebellion, and TRUTH was thrown to the ground.  Then God spoke and the holy one asked when all these rebellion was coming to an end.  The response was 2300 mornings and evenings.  Then a voice told Gabriel to tell Daniel the meaning. Gabriel then said it was about the end of times and he picked Daniel up from my sleep.  The ram was Media and Persia, the goat was Greece, the goat’s huge horn was its first king (most likely Alexander the Great who defeated all of Persia in 324 BC), and it four horns are the less powerful kingdoms that it will break intoThen a new ruler will arise, defeat the saints, consider himself superior, destroy many, and will even challenge Jesus to take his place (the White race (European and American alliance that began with Greece and Rome), trying to conquer the holy land, enslave Africans and distorts their history as the original civilization from God, and make Jesus a white man to equate themselves to God). But they will be defeated by spiritual hands.

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