Do you need to go to church & do good works to get to heaven?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
October 10, 2021
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No. you need to do neither to be a child of God. It is been chosen by God to have God’s Spirit or the Holy Spirit through Jesus that makes you a Child of God. It is God’s Spirit that teaches you all understanding in the ways of God through Jesus Christ. Not all spirits belong to or comes from God, but the Holy Spirit comes from God from knowing Jesus and wanting to have a relationship with God through Jesus. (John 4)

Do you need to go to church to make heaven?

No. Jesus was the first and only one to teach that he was the TRUTH, LIGHT, and WAY to God. Jesus is the only one that is without a grave because he resurrected and ascended into heaven in front of many witnesses. There was a king who did right in the eyes of God and even made the people to honor and worship God again. God was very pleased with him and he upgraded God’s temple for worship again, but the king never went to the temple once to worship God. You simple go to temples to worship and honor God, as well as fellowship with other faithful members. (2 Chro 27)

Can good works get you to heaven?

No. God once sent a message to a Roman centurion. God told him that all his good works from his heart was a great achievement to God, but he needed to be baptized in the name of Jesus in order to get the Holy Spirit and be one with God. It is not going to the temple or doing good works that justifies you as a Child of God, but rather, it is simply by being chosen by God to have the Holy Spirit through Jesus. (Acts 10) Get 15% – 40% off Edo Language CDs & Books

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