Edo Girls and Foreign Prostitution
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That particular article by African Abroad news paper was titled “Nigerian Girls Prostituting in Europe,” not “Edo Girls and Foreign Prostitution” as you would have liked it titled. The reporter understands the depth of the problem. Prostitution is a national problem. The married lady from New York that was arrested for prostitution in Italy is Yoruba, not Edo. You and your cohorts have been trying to blame the Edos for anything and everything that is ever gone wrong with our women.

If I may ask, how did you infer from the report that I support prostitution by anyone? I advise you to go and read it again, and hopefully, you will come to the same conclusion not different from mine. If you cannot put your prejudices aside and read between the lines them you are going to have problems. Prostitution was a national problem in Nigeria before it became an international export commodity. We saw it coming but did nothing about it. As they say, “charity begins at home.” Our so-called leaders treated themselves to sexual pleasures with those innocent secondary school girls instead of providing them with a future.

In that interview, I simply explained the “why” but not the “what.” Mrs. Eki Igbinedion is dealing with the “what” and that explains why her effort is yielding no positive result. She is really supposed to deal with the “why” of the problem. The “what” is prostitution — and so what? But the “why” is how did Edo girls that were so much reserved in the past suddenly become commodities in the sex export?

Unfortunately you probably don’t know where Edo is in Nigeria. I am an Edo, I know Edo, and I live Edo. Frank Guobadia does not support prostitution by any ethnic group in Nigeria. Let us hope Nigeria will emerge to be a country of our collective dream. If it does, I tell you, our females will reject prostitution and embrace prosperity.

Thank you much,

Frank Guobadia,
Edo National Association/Community .

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