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The Edo Language School, which has its foundation
campus presently at Alvarado School, Carlson Street,
in the City of Richmond California, will re-open on
January 19, 2002.

It is on record that this is the very first time in
Europe and America, that the Edo language studies has
been extended beyond the territorial borders of
Nigeria to the western societies (Europe and America),
at the grass roots and middle school levels.

This major development and achievement was the
outcome of Mr. Igbineweka’s participation in this
year’s annual West Contra Costa’s Adult-Education, Family
Resource Fair which took place on May 12, 2001 at the
23rd Street Richmond High School. The fair turned its
search lights on the Edo and the Guosa Languages with serious interests. This was a spin-off of the pilot research language programs of Guosa Cultural Center also in Richmond, California.

Since the inception of the Edo language classes, large numbers of Africans, African Americans and non-black families (youths and adults), have signed up to study both the Edo and the Guosa Languages. The Fall 2001 school session went on vacation in September with 18 students on the languages regular students list.

When asked about the usefulness of these languages in
far away United States, The language genius, Alex
Igbineweka replied that the study of Edo languages

will no doubt create the much needed international
awareness on the abundant linguistic and cultural
resources that are in African languistic environments
and communities; as it is evidently clear that lack of cultural discipline and home upbringing are the major problems leading to high rate of schools and community violence, crimes, misunderstandings, lack of respect and love for fellow human beings in American and European societies.

Further more, America leads the world in science and
technology, the Edo people of Nigeria are rich in socio-cultural disciplines, respect for individuals, the different age social groups, traditions and the government organizations/functionaries within the society.
The Azekazudo, popularly known as the great linguist of Edo land said he sees nothing wrong if both countries – Europe and America could come to the drawing board and harness resources to engage in the trade and transfer of technologies, languages and socio-cultural exchanges between nations of the world for mutual benefits of global civilization, standardization, awareness and growth.

The Edo language classes in Richmond California, is a golden opportunity which the Edos everywhere, and ENA in particular should embrace firmly and capitalize on. The opportunity presented at these Edo classes for all Edos and other interested persons, to learn Edo language from the chief Edo linguist, the Azekazudo – Alex Igbineweka himself, is priceless. ENA and other groups, should help establish the means and the settings to extend these classes to other communities across America, Canada and Europe.

There is no better way, to extend the rich culture, traditions and languages of the Edo people of Nigeria, to the rest of the world.

For more information on the Edo and Guosa languages, the edo language classes at Richmond California and for help on setting up Edo language classes in your community,
please contact:

Alex G. Igbineweka,



Alex G. Igbineweka
Director of Edo & Guosa Languages
American Heritage University
2035 North D Street
San Bernardino, CA 92405

Cell Phone: (510) 706-5652
Phone: 909.713.0186
Toll Free: 888.484.8689
Fax: 909.886.8055
Email: president@amheritageuniv.netguosa-language@amheritageuniv.net,


Web sites: http://www.dawodu.net/guosa1.htm

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