Months and Seasons of the Year
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Basic Edo Words ************Borrowed Words************** English

Uki Ague ********************Ukiegienuarre *****************January
Uki Ifie **********************Ukiefenbuarre**************** February
Uki Egbo ********************Ukiemasi ********************March
Uki Ekhuen ******************Ukieprre *********************April
Uki Egua ********************Ukiemehe ********************May
Uki Ikpesi *******************Ukiegiunu ********************June
Uki Iviema ******************Ukiegiulae ********************July
Uki Ohie ********************Ukiogosi ********************August
Uki Eho ********************Ukiesentenba *****************September
Uki Emorho *****************Ukiotoba ********************October
Uki Ewe ********************Ukienovenba *****************November
Uki Igue ********************Ukiedisenba ******************December


Uyunmwu (Dry season):

Uki Ague
Uki Ifie
Uki Egbo

Ohonrre (Spring):
Uki Ekhuen
Uki Egua
Uki Ikpesi

Orho (Rainy Season):

Uki Iviema
Uki Ohie
Uki Eho

Erho (Harvest Season):

Uki Emorho
Uki Ewe
Uki Igue

SOURCE: Edo Grammar For Schools and Colleges – by Osaren S.B. Omoregie, Nelson 1983 .


I will want to make a little correction on the traditional days. Every thing about it is correct but the order they are placed.

Original note************Corrected order

Eke (East) ****************Eke
Okuo or Ehen (North) ******Orrie
Orrie (West) **************Aho or Igie
Aho or Igie (South) ********Okuo or Ehen

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Edo Baby Names: