Europeans, Gay and the Bible
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STOP IT AT THE BORDER before they infect YOU.

Pastor Dimeji Awoyemi – Please teach us about Awo in your name an stop all these God will do this and God will do that. You are damn too small to know what God can do. This is the problem. We appear to know God more than God. Was your father the one that wrote the bible? It was not my father either. It was presented to me as a word of God – Hmmmm… but all indications are pointing otherwise with the way things are going.
In December 1999 I wrote an article about the expiration of the Bible. It is unfortunate that we do not read. It is unfortunate that we are educated illiterate. Read between the lines you will see the lies behind this book presented as the word of GOD.
I have absolute faith in GOD but the GOD I serve is a loving one not a POLICE OFFICER presented in the bible that has nothing better to do than to be chasing around for my sin or so incompetent to the point of punishing me for the sin of my GREAT GREAT parents.

This is just the beginning. Have you heard that they are going to re-write the bible to have feminine touch?

My peace I give unto you…..

Dele Olawole
******************************************Omo Oba wrote:
Pastor Dimeji:

Research the prefix Awo of your lastname, maybe you will be able to solve one of the Afrika’s problems.


Dear All,
You see my friends I like and I respect the white man religion and culture. Why so, is because they never stop improving and perfecting their culture to the liking and acceptance of many blinded Africans who demonstrate African color–BLACK– but deep in their heart they embrace and welcome the white man culture than the one GOD gave them which was also perfected by our almighty ancestors.

My brothers and sisters why can’t you also perfect your culture to the liking of the white people. If you do that the white people will accord you more respect. Our culture is dying because of invasion of white man culture. We must put an end to this slavery mentality.

All the best,
Mr.Osagie Odeh.


It is so true that the Bible has being rewritten many times to suit the taste of one pope, a king, a general or the other. It is also true that with time the Bible will be written to accommodate feminist and homosexual views. About five generations from now, passages that state that a woman should not head the church or be submissive to her husband will be removed. Also, the abomination of same sex union will be abated. The Bible has always followed the norm of European society, since the Roman Empire.

The first thing the Europeans did was to de-Africanize the characters of the Bible by changing names of people, places (Cush is Ethiopia), and in History class teach that the African places where actually European or Middle Eastern. What they can’t change because Europeans had little influence there, they ignore it. Christianity being the dominate scripted religion was a good tool for colonization and acculturation. Weither we like it or not, five generations from now as long as there are Christians in Africa and China, homosexuality and feminism will become an acceptable way of life through the Bible and in the church. This is because the Europeans are accepting it and through the word of God, we all civilized educated Christians must follow. The questions is always “who has the power to define?”

I have published a book titled “The Political and Spiritual Purpose in the Holy Land. (According to Biblical Verses)”. It should be out by December this year. It talks about the difference between the man of Creation and the man of Eden paying attention to Gen 1-11. We are made to think in our schools that Adam was in Iraq, but actually he was in Ethiopia and was not the first man. By European way, he was the first man they could arguable put outside Africa.

Humans did not get to Babylon (Iraq) until after the great Flood. The period of Jesus between the ages of 18-30 was removed, because he was schooling in Egypt. A lot of Moses’ love poems are also removed because he is clearly addressing African Women. This was a problem for European colonizers who wanted to use the Bible as a tool of superior culture, which is still going on now in the form of Sexuality. Well, God is watching.


Dear Aimiuwu,
Thanks for your posting. Please I want a copy of your book when it’s out in December. Just let me know the price of the book and I will kindly mail you the money

Mr.Osagie Odeh.


Dear Ehi,
Please notify me when your book hits the market.

Thank you.

Chief AB

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