Down Low Brothers - Money, America, & Success
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 2007
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In life, you will always reap what you sow; it is just a matter of time. External situations will always affect you, but those with vision find a way to rise about it while maintaining their goal, but the visionless turns the situation into internal anger that clouds their judgment. A farmer knows that no matter the mishaps in the planting season, the harvest is the ultimate goal. In almost every culture, if not all, the men are a scarce resource. They are usually fewer in number, they live shorter lives, they live more risky and dangerous lives, and tend to be harder to train and maintain during upbringing. This is the reason why they say that only a roaster is needed to create poultry. By nature, men are a precious scarce commodity for the future. A society that understands this despite a war, colonization, or slavery will always have fathers and husbands, but a society to goes against nature will always have unnatural ills to contend with.
Many societies where marriage is still celebrated as a societal accomplishment, know that the boys require more attention than the girls. They know that the boys are more likely to be stubborn, visionless, stagnant, and irresponsible than the girls. So from a very young age, the boys are basically pressured to succeed and trained to lead and be fathers. They are basically instructed to work harder and do better than the girls, because if they are that few and do not live very long, then they must become of high quality. Women in these societies make sure their children have a father even if they have to be polygamous. All this is done by the women to make their girls respect their boys for the future.

In Black America, the women allowed slavery and American laws disobey the laws of nature and the structural design of God. Yes, the man was sold from one plantation to another and this made the Black woman boss, but she failed after attaining freedom to ensure that all her children had fathers to help instill the culture of success on their sons. Instead of aligning her family and society to the will of God and putting the happiness of her daughters above her newly found authority, she chose radical feminism that encouraged her to be King without a man. This led to the secret foundation of a fatherless culture and she instructed her daughters that capitalism (power and money) was more important than a man. They forgot that the future and harvest is always inevitable, and that sexuality and a man is always the future. The daughters listened and they pursued power, money, and success with all their vigor leaving all their brothers behind without a father. Who was going to make sure that the boys succeed? Who was going to be the driving force to encourage men to lead, be fathers, and be husbands? Is it their mother who says that men are no good and does not have a man, or the sperm donor, who they hardly see or who also does not know his father? The daughters are now stuck in the future between the rock and a hard place. After all the success, hard work, money, and power, they now realize they need a husband. There is no smoke without fire. The smoke eventually disappears when the fire dies. Any smoke that wants to rise high into the skies must first make sure that the fire will always burn brightly. How high can any woman truly be satisfied when her supposed husband or father to her children has being cut off at birth?

How many Black men can measure up to their women? A man never stays where he is unhappy. The natural ego of a man never settles for a second place without an outlet for comfort and sanity. A man never wants a woman to take care of him and order him around; he wants to earn the respect of his woman and his children. How many Black men do you really think are happy in their homes (under their mothers or with their wives)? Many of them cannot talk to their children in the presence of their well educated and money making wife. Many of them through time have chosen to uphold their honor amongst each other than to be feed by a woman. As they get older and know it is better to be seen with a woman, they just get married and have children as a cover up. Deep down, their place of glory is where they are given the respect of a man in the habitual lifestyle they have acquired through time. I have been approached by a lot of them in Atlanta because it is a recruitment lifestyle of honor, and I have also being neighbors with one of them. The truth of the matter is that these men, especially the feminine ones (by choice), have a more feminine, attractive, and caring personality than many Black women of today. Many sisters cannot even compete. Many men who are not morally principled will fall for them any day. Many sisters know this; but they pretend to turn the other cheek so that they can say that they got a man. Women must return to their femininity, encourage marriage and fatherhood from birth, and put more energy into their sons’ path of success. This is the only way to create future respectable husbands for their daughters and eliminate the down low culture. We must make this our culture.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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