Excerpts from Prof Molefi kete Asante lecture on
The Future Of African Gods:
The Clash Of Civilizations at the Dubois center Accra, Ghana
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The great African pharaoh,Menes united the two lands (TAWY) bringing 42clans or nomes under one goverment around 3100B.C By this time already Africans had formulated the first human response to the unkown.If anything we knew God before anyone else,not because we were wiser but because we were first to be civilised.

If you take any of the scientific reports we know that the first hominids were from Africa.Australopithecus Afarensis is 4,200,000 years old and Australopithecus ramidus,3,800,000.When Richard Johnason discovered Dinqnesh,later renamed Lucy,by the Europeans,he claimed to have found the earliest example of a hominid in Ethiopia.Until 75,000years ago all humans were black.Did they have an appreciation for the almighty?Did they formulate a response to the unknown? Of course they did;they were human and human before anyone else.

Our ancestors brought forth the first civilizations and gave the world the Oldest organized cosmological explanations.Thus,Ra as Ptah,Atum ,Amen,khepera,khnum-the names of the one,the supreme,created Shu and Tefnut,air and moisture,Geband Nut,earth and sky.Then came Ausar,Auset,Nebhet,and set.Ausar was killed by his brother Set and Auset put him back together with the assistance of her sister.Nebhet and her son Heru,who avenged his father by kiling set.This is the story of God over evil.The purpose was to create maat,balance, harmony, justice, righteousness, reciprocity, order.These are the key concepts in any ethical system and the fact that they emerged first in the Nile Valley of Africa suggest that other ideas,related to these ideas,found their way into the very practices and beliefs of our people through out the continent. The deliberate attempt by the Europeans to separate Africans from the classical civilizations of the Nile is one of the biggest falsifications in history.Only when we reclaim our histry will we be able to see that the origins of many religious ideas are African.How is it that the parent has become the child?

Thus,not noly do we have the earliest emergence of God,We have the first ethnical principles,reinforced by proverbs,and refined in the oral and artistic traditions of our narratives.

The ancient Egypt was kemet and it was the culmination of classical Africa´s achievements in science,art,architecture,medicine,astronomy,geometry,and religion.The Greeks honored the Africans as the originators of the science and art praticed by the Greeks themselves.It would be the Europeans of the 15th century through 19th centuries that would try to divorce Europe from it´s African origin and deny Africa any role in civilizing the world.The early Greeks historian,herodotus claims that nearly all the Greeks Gods came from Africa.We know that the Greeks worshipped Imhotep as Aesclepius,the God of medicine,and that the name Athens,is from Aten.
When Constantine in 325 A.D took ideas from African sprituality and created a control mechanism at council of Nicea he was trying to organize a system for using African spriritual ideas.The early Christian church had to deal with the fact Christians had used many African ideas,the son of God,eternal life,and the resurection,in their religion.The sad fact is that since we have forgotten so much we do not know that we are the originators of religion.

The abandonment of of our history,indeed the abandonment of our gods ,the Gods of our ancestors,have brought us into the guagmire of mis-direction,mis-orientation and self pity.When the missionaries forbade our our shrines and punished us in the Americas when we called the names of our gods and sounded our mighty drums they were looking for the pavlovian reacttion they finally got in millions of Africans:Africa is bad,it is inferior,it is pagan,it is heathen.We often hear others cursing our ancestors in ways the Chinese,the lebanese and the British would never allow.Why this?Are we truly shamed by our military defeat?Can we no longer think abut how right our ancestors were in exploring human nature and positing ways to combat the unknown?cannot we create new forms out of the old mold or must we throw away the mold?

what would be anymore pagan than the wanton wilful destruction of millions of Africans,jews,native Americans,and the chinese by christians Europeans?How could white men pray to a god on the second floor of a slave dungeon,while on the first floor they held our ancestors,yours and mine in horrible bondage?What kind of religion denied our humanity at the same time were raping our women, brutalizing our children,and demanding aour wealth and our souls.

It is true the idea of Christian names or Muslim names promotes and advances those cultures.why must you change your name even if you chose of buy into a foreign religion?what is wrong with your name?Any religion that asks you to to do what others do not have to do is asking you to abandon your mother.The question is why would abandon your mother?

Religion in General

what is religion but the deification of ancestors,the making of sacred of traditions within the context and history.How can we honor any God who was used against us?The only people who honor alien God are defeated people;all others honor and accept their own name for the almighty.We must learn to appreciate ourselves and our traditions.what is wrong with the African God?

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