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Our discussions of such  subjects as RELIGION and CULTURES have carefully avoided the more ethereal matters of God.. including his gender as you have now delved into. This is in the realms of subjects that are so often avoided in philosophical evaluations except of cause, Metaphysics. In over a hundred years ago, even Metaphysics was tabooed as the Churches saw such evaluations as blasphemies and most students as well as the practitioners of physics carefully evaded the issues beyond Physics and the known Laws of Physics. Brother, you raised many issues in your posting below that have on their own, raised more questions than answers. Such is the nature of the discussions of God.

Must we simply base our formation of the form of God on the irrational inductive conclusions of humans that God is in the form of man? Of all the heavenly bodies and matters, why man? Before the question of God’s gender may be rationalized, such questions as: Does God actually exists?; Is he a being?; If so, is he a rational being?; Is his presence relevant in the universe?; and many more, must be answered verifiably.

The Universe is not only real, but rational. The formation of universal bodies, their sizes, functions and relations are rational and real as well as we know. The existence and proof of the Laws of Physics are verifiable conclusions that the universe does exists. The functional performances of all universal bodies within the allowable ranges within those natural laws, define the presence of intelligence behind the definitions, molding and operations of all cosmic bodies within the cosmos.

We know that the universe exists, but for what purposes. The Universe, in spite of its intelligence and its rational laws of physics, has been unable to explain itself and why it exists. Could this explains the relevance of God in the context of creation. Such a God, is all knowing…he is omniscient. Given that, is his intent is to be able to explain the workings of the Universe and its purposes? If so, to whom must he explain.

Because the universe is rational and we know by proof of our mere existence, that it exists. We also know from deductive reasoning, that the world is a rational super-class entity within a level of even greater classes of universal entities. Given these conclusions about our world, we can extrapolate further that the Milky way Galaxy does exists and performs in a rational setting. This rationalization can continue in that order to encompass all components of the Universe. These rationalizations are themselves, BEAUTIES…given their relational formation in quantum-Mathematics/Mechanics or in Metaphysics terms. The implication is that the universe could not have been a result of a chanced event in a Singularity. This is in spite of the plurality of the proofs of the BIG BANG.

My dictionary explains Singularity as the point in SPACE-TIME at which gravitational forces causes matters to have infinitesimal density and infinitesimal volume. It is a point at which derivation does not exist for a real or complex variable because, there is no rational point of reference…since TIME-SPACE continuum simply disappears. No yesterday, no today and definitely no tomorrow. No here, no there or yonder. It is irrational to even imagine that a rational universe can evolve from such a state without the pre-conceived definitions and controls of an intelligent entity. Is this entity what or who we call God?

Given the complex variables of creations in the universe, why must we rationalize that God is in the form of a human being? God no doubt, is an intelligent being. It could simply be an intelligent MIND that exists without the universe. As a MIND, God has to think and rationalize events before he creates and spurns them into the realm of the event’s performing life-cycle. Perhaps, he is simply a creative FORCE that need not think to perform creative events. In either case, can God be a part of this universe?
A creator evolves the elements of his creativity outside of himself. A creator cannot create himself along with or in the process of creating the universe. Inductive and deductive reasoning cannot explain such a process. It is reasonable therefore, to imagine God as an external entity without the universe. If the reverse is the case and God is a form of CREATIVE FORCE, then all components of the universe…including each of us, are functioning subsets of other subsets of elements within God himself. In other words, we are each a god matter. This raises yet another question: do the components of god matters such as humans, know that they are and do they know what they are supposed to do in terms of functions or are they just supernaturally tuned to perform? Do they respectively know what exact role they are playing in the framework of god settings? This is akin to the cell in a bone of a human leg for example. Does the cell who performs to keep the bone alive and performing as needed by the host human, knows that it is indeed a bone cell within a remote part of a human leg? Can the cell communicate intelligently with the host human? If a cancer cell is being intelligently attacked by the human and the cancer cell prays to the human for mercy, can the human heed the cell and perform in conformity with the plea? Is the cell membrane the world for that cell and is the bone region within the foot, the universe for the cell? In this same context, is the embodying human, the creator of the cell?

In like manner, if we humans are components of god matters within God’s body, what are the likelihood of our abnormal performances that may be detrimental to God. Drug abuse, suicide and the likes are possible abnormalities in human performances. What does it means or what impacts would it have on God as the host when a human kills another or steals from another – who may be in another region of God’s body? How about a nation raiding and sacking another nation? In this case, would God attack us and cause calamity(ies) to befall us? If we pray to God in this setting for mercy, can he hear or understand us and heed our cry and have mercy on us? If this is true as we have been taught to believe all our lives, that understanding certainly removes God from the sphere of human proximity in form or performance. If the Cosmic bodies are components of God himself, what form should we deductively rationalize for God? In forming this rationalization, take into consideration, the critical Geometry of the universe. Is God still in the form of man and does he needs himself to be gender specific (male or Female)?

It is rational to extrapolate that God may be the creator of the universe, but may himself be created by another super God and the Super God, created by yet another even more super God? And so, the rationalization continues endlessly. If technological advances continue and some days, man is able to create intelligent machine or man-machine with living tissue, the capabilities and intelligence to create yet intelligent entities, would the first intelligent machines consider us (Humans), as their God? Would the intelligence of those machines created by man, be sufficient to equip them with the knowledge of their mere existence and state and condition of their existence? Would they be aware of the physical implications and natural laws of our four dimensional universe or would they simply operate within their own knowledge or ranges as to views and motions delimited by technological capabilities of the builder(s)? In this case, what is their universe frame of reference? Besides the laws of thermo-dynamics, Electricity, Gravity and a few others, could they exist in spite of these laws?

It is therefore rational to imagine that our God may simply be within the realm of what we call an EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL or an “ET” entity. In this case, he is no less our God: in spite his shape or form or of the possibility that he also has his own God. For all we know, our world, universe and all humans may simply be a component in a creative FORCE’S or extra-terrestrial’s laboratory.

Is it rational therefore, to rationalize God in the concept of a “he” or and “she”? Why would such an incredible Force and intelligence take on a gender baggage and for what purpose…definitely not for procreation? This irrational leaning by humans can only be ascribed to human’s endless craving to impose his superiority on all else.

Dr. Obazee, here now, is a paradox of creation and of God himself. We have not done this type of reasoning for some time now, so: Philip Obazee, Doctor Dawodu, Nowa, Helen, Oseme, Iguade, Cynthia, Sandra, Iyi-Eweka, Osaghae, Hilary, Azekazudo, Tina, Odia, OJ Ebohon, Nosakhare, ViK and all of ye god matters and or expert Metaphysicists, this matter is in your courts now. I am requesting your inputs in these matters. Shed your lights on these matters and enlighten us as well as you know.

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