Genius of the Ancient & Modern World: An Analysis
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 19, 2021
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I have being wondering what the justification of human existence is terms of how congressional leaders are determined to have presidents from other parties fail to meet the expectations of the people who elected them into office. I have seen congressional leaders punished for telling the truth that the Capitol was invaded on January 6, 2021; put anti-lynching bill on hold after over 200 attempts to pass the bill in over 100 years; and support states attempting to suppress the votes of minorities.

Yesterday on Netflix, I watched two documentaries of Bettany Hughes, which were the “Genius of the Ancient World” (2015) and the “Genius of the Modern World” (2016). In the former, she presented how Buddha, Socrates, and Confucius tried to answer: What good is wealth? What is justice? How do I live a good life? In the latter, she presented how Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche attempted to understand how we achieve happiness & contentment without religion or spirituality?

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It seems these thinkers where trying to explore the justification of human existence without a creator or Supreme Being, but many worshippers of a creator assume that worshipping the creator is the justification of human existence. It seems that what is missing between these thinkers and believers in a creator is the definition of God from reasoning rather than by faith. A collaboration of all their ideals would be the essential justification of human existence, which is the understanding of God.

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Who is God?

God is the power to achieve access to resources from nature or creation whenever & wherever without limitations based on the leadership created by all the people equally and the leadership can be changed when necessary in order to guarantee total or optimal access to resources regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, sexuality, socio-political or economic status, & digital divide. God is not just the justification of existence, but how well humans treat each other legally, economically, socially, and politically, which ultimately results in how well we treat the environment – our well-being.

Why do humans exist?

We exist to find the power to elect leaders that guarantees us access to resources equally in order to live a good and just life, which is wealth (contentment). It is the achievement of contentment regardless of who we are or what we believe that leads to the happiness that we all seek, which also results in good health. We should not exist to have the power to enslave others; increase criminality of others to deny them good employment; restrict their ability to elect leaders that are good for their children; allow old laws that were written when others had no rights or were in bondage; or promote the lies and propaganda of hate to keep a nation divide.

What is the justification of human existence?

Justification of existence allows you to disagree with me, as long as the way you vote to support policies and spend your money does not deny others an equal access to resources than you do, especially when they have the legal right to exist there. We are to guarantee equal access to vote, education, healthcare, income, law, love, and welcome babies – happiness & contentment.

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