Goodness as a Global Culture - Descendants, Mother, & Children
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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We have been told from time in memorial that injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere. This means that when we see an evil occurring in another domain or against someone we do not even care for, we must all come out and take a stand against it. We do this not because we do not have better things to do with our time, but because if we are not careful, that evil might soon become an accepted culture that will spread either to our domain or will affect our descendants negatively with time.

There used to be a time when the culture dictated that the entire village must raise a child, but these days, it has become a shameful culture of glorified independence and an ignorant “mind your own business”. There was once a popular story that stated that when they came for the Catholics, someone did not care because he was not a Catholic. Soon they came for the liberals, but that same person did not care. It was no long that they came for the Protestants and still, he did not care to speak or fight for them because he was not one. Then they came for him, but he had no one left to fight for him because they rest were all gone or weakened. It is a story that teaches us to fight or stand against anything that is unjust and immoral before it gets to you. If you do not help others and allow that trend to become an accepted culture, then you will have no voice to fight when it comes for you and your children because it is now the norm.

When European colonization and slavery of Africa started, not many Europeans got involved even till the end of it, but they did not care to speak up against it soon enough. In fact, it became justified by many powerful Europeans as a quick way to amass wealth in a short time and gain economic and political might. They even went as far as using the Biblical stories in Genesis (Esau serving Jacob, Canaan serving the rest of Noah’s sons, and the trade of Joseph by his brothers) to justify it, and yet no one spoke. Soon, the Africans in the United States became liberated and started expressing themselves through music and fashion. They eventually created what the world calls modern pop music and culture through Bip-Bop, the Blues, Soul music, Rock ‘n Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Rap, and now Hip-hop. They have done it so well that they win most of the music awards yearly and the entire world, including the children of their colonizers and slave masters, are beginning to live out the words of the songs, dress like them, and act like them. In fact, these children have become the major financial, social, and sympathetic supporters of this culture. Major politicians in the USA and Europe are not only concerned that this culture would destroy their children and their future, but they have also tried to make laws to ban or discredit it. They fear that the culture of the “inferior slave” they created, might soon become the dominate culture that their children will follow. This is true because many of their children have put Hip-hop culture before God, school, family, and even common sense.

There was a time when it became cool not to marry. Just get a girl pregnant, let her raise the child, and you go off and get the next girl pregnant. Not only that, you could even get pregnant for different men and not be married to any of them at any given time. No one came out to condemn this on a large scale or even get the government to pass laws against these acts, and challenge people to become more responsible in the way they live. Instead, the government started a welfare program to assist mothers without husbands. This looked like a good thing, but it only made the women more comfortable to reproduce more and marry less. In fact, in many home of people of color, they could not even vote at the time not to talk of securing meaningful jobs to take care of a family. Many African-American men for example, had no access to good education, could not own property for investment, could not read to understand the laws of the land, and they could not even sit in front of the bus or enter a restaurant not to talk of seeking economic assistance from the government. Women everywhere love to have their own children. It is their God given right to procreate. It was obviously more sensible get a reliable and regular welfare check than to rely on a man that has being handicapped by his own government for the sustenance of her children.
Before long, single women homes became the vogue. Many had to stay that way permanently because when a social caseworker came to your house unexpectedly and find a man living there or evidence of his presence, she will have to forfeit her welfare benefits because he can go get a good paying job, which we all know did not exist for him. Now, the children of some of those who created the financial and economic segregation laws that lead to the ungodly creation of single mother homes are becoming single mother and procreating fathers themselves. This is because the pain that grew out of the feminist movement has taught many women that the ability to raise children on their own without their fathers is an obvious sign of strength, independence, and success.

Soon the feminist ideology convinced the legal system to create a child support system, which will make men responsible for their children. This is a great law to discourage unnecessary reproduction outside of marriage. The man is made to pay about 25% of his income before taxes per child and the payment was deducted before he even saw his check. If he had more children, he paid more but at a low percentage per additional child. Thanks to the government for making an attempt but it was not an effective and efficient effort. The courts were more interested in making sure they did not have to pay for the welfare of the children than making sure the child was well taken care off. So they deduct the money from the man’s check and give it to the mother of the child, instead of working with the man to direct the money into proper use for the child’s development. For instance, he can choose an established and credible private school to send his child to, register the child in a very good after school program while the mother is still at work to learn musical, mental, social, and academic skills, and be required to see his child frequently while a certain amount is spent on clothes, outings, and school materials.

Now, the women have turned the courts negligence into a thriving business among many African-American women. I know of some girls with high GPAs that have dropped out of college because they succeeded in reproducing for a man that has money. I know of girls that intentionally reproduce for three different men because it is more lucrative than having three children for one man. It is better to get 25% from each of the three men for 18 years that to get maybe 55% from one man with three children. Many of them have even used the fear of child support to prevent men who are not already paying through the courts from having other relationships. This is because the courts make it mandatory and regular or you go to jail. The saddest part of it all is that the money hardly goes to the child, it mostly goes to the woman and her friends to show how much power she really has. Some men are still paying for children they have not seen for years because their mother took them to undisclosed location to punish him and the courts does not care. They buy cars, latest clothes, while some invest their children’s money in their business. No one is speaking against this evil and the courts could care less.

Now, some of the women who benefited from these wicked laws many years ago have had to watch other women do it to their sons and grandsons. When the laws were being made they refused to speak up because they were not men or they enjoyed the power women derived from it. Now, their own descendants, despite the huge income they make, can only live in apartments or a friend’s house and can not happily provide for their mothers on anniversary days. There is nothing wrong in paying child support, but the business of it has discouraged marriage and the proper care of a child by both parents. Instead, it has increased teenage and unwanted pregnancies, and has almost eliminated the joy of children as a blessing to their fathers. Some men simply see their children not as an offspring, but as an unwanted mortgage or a payment for a car that has been stolen. Remember, that it is the bad apples in the barrel that makes the good apples become bad apples and never the other way around. A true society should be a society that makes laws to benefit all without negligence and not to benefit a certain race, religion, gender, or creed. When evil laws are passed or an immoral and unjust culture becomes the norm somewhere, we must fight it fast or else, we all will pay for it somehow. If not us, our children will.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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