The Gullibility of some African Christians - Democratic Party & Republican Party
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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You will think that with the conditions of African peoples around the world as symbols of economic regression and political insignificance that the Africans in America, which happens to be the most enlightened, would rise up to the plate and create strategies that would improve the lives of their loved ones. Contrary to the colonial missionary’s use of the Bible, you would expected these people to use the Bible filled with God’s promises of prosperity, abundance, peace of mind, and happiness to enhance their people’s conditions. The African Christians and the African churches in America played a good role in bringing slavery to its knees, but have not being very successful in bringing about change in the godly areas of economic advancement and political relevance. The Africans have always being taught to stay away from religion and politics since the colonial era, but it is now obvious that these two things are the foundations that shape and govern our world.
The African Christians in America, aside from some Pentecostals, have gotten too comfortable with the fruits of the civil rights movements that gave us the right to vote and some level of equality, and are not focusing on the total equality of mankind that God wants for all through economic and political adequacy. This was so obvious in the 2004 presidential election which was centered on the war in Iraq, fight against terrorism, unemployment, and cloning of human cells. To any Biblical scholar and believer, it was obvious to all that President Bush was failing in the areas of the war in Iraq and unemployment, which should have being to most important issues to African Christians of America. President Bush lied that Saddam Hussein, who was more interested in building massive presidential palaces, had weapons of mass destructions and so had to go to war. He also lied that Saddam was also responsible for 9/11 world trade center explosions, despite the fact that Saddam and Bin Laden were on opposite sides of the fence on Islamic governance. This lead to massive spending on a Bush created war for oil instead of sponsoring economic and educational programs to those Americans that needed it most, or assisting the residents of New Orleans from hurricane Katrina. A lot of Africans in American are employees living from paycheck to paycheck, but many of American jobs have gone out to foreign countries of cheaper labor like China and India. This is done by the current administration to increase the profits of the majority European business owners, and the working class in left to face increased unemployment and reduced wages.

When the Republican Party realized this short coming for President Bush, they decided to play a game with the church and the Bible. They decided to encourage many churches to become political in their favor and in return will not be audited for taxes and they will get more of their faith based program sponsored. The church was expected to work on the fears of their followers against Islamic invasion of terrorists and most importantly, homosexuality. The former was meant to make President Bush look like a strong protector waging a just war in Iraq, and the latter was to make the Democratic Party look anti-Biblical in its open-mindedness towards accepting all Americans as they are. I do mind if majority of Americans feel it is okay to go wage an unjust war for its oil, or should I say against terrorism. I also do not mind if they are also scared that homosexuality might affect their children’s view on life, but this should not be the main concern of the Africans or African Christians in America.

Every African Christian worthy its godly creation must vow to take a stand against all forms of oppression and colonization on any people for the sake of oil, gold, timber, cheap labor, or water. We can not love God and talk about a spiritual heaven when we can not vote to prevent mass murder, loss of cultural identity, poverty, and spread of diseases here on earth. The most shameful thing I have seen from the African Christians in America was that they allowed money and human power to deviate their godly responsibility from the economic and political adequacy of their families to the political ambition of one man. It was amazing how African churches and African peoples of Jesus were going around as errand boys while telling others that the Bible said in the last days there will be wars, and it never said that we Christians will not be a part of it (justifying the Iraq war). Some Christian in some European headed churches were told not to vote for money and economic reason, but to vote for God and morality (against homosexuality and the Democrats). They were told that homosexuality is so wrong that Christians going to heaven must stay away from it. Should we not also stay away from unjust wars, lies, unemployment, and forced cheap labor?

Many of the African Christian actually voted for the war and unemployment which is taking money away from their families, and instead voted against sexual preference that has nothing to do with their godly responsibility to their society. I do not support homosexuality, but we must show God’s love to all, including owners of oil companies, pastor that commit adultery, and priests that sodomize little children. African Christians must also realize that if they fail to lead their families to economic and political relevance in our generation, our children will ultimately become the prostitutes and homosexuals they so fear that they forgot to follow the Biblical standard. A lot of lazy immigrants that do not have the papers to secure good paying jobs and want to live flamboyant lifestyles are known to be the dolls (girls) in many Atlanta homosexual clubs and bars. I have actually run across an African man that left his wife and daughter in New Jersey to pursue the lucrative lifestyle of a homosexual doll due to lack of income. God always blessed his people with wealth and power. If the Africans fail to elect leaders that can speak for their interests or pass the laws to make God’s blessing a reality for their families, we can as well burn down the Bible and our churches, and become the political and economic stepping stone for others like we have always being proud of doing.

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