How Black Women Can Defeat Poverty & American Prison Industry - Unemployment, Engagement Rings, & Investments
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
December 21, 2013
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Black Americans appear to be one of the strongest people on earth today because they defeated the evils of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and segregation by staying together. Unfortunately, they have been unable to raise above their final plague, which is the the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). PIC was intentionally designed to keep Blacks in poverty by keeping their males in prison rather than allowing them to get an education and compete legitimately for legal and respectable employment.

Purpose of PIC:

If Black men can be kept in prison regularly, Black women will learn to live without their men. When women no longer depend on their men, the masculine logic of the community dies. If logic dies, then the feminine emotion will rule. Emotions without the protection of logic will lead to vulnerability, so women will have no choice but to depend on the system for protection (against the future interest of their children).

Strategy of PIC:

For PIC to be successful, there must be a regular supply of men to be incarcerated in prison, but you cannot have a PIC in communities were logic rules. So it is MANDATORY to create a situation for instant fatherless homes to allow emotion to rule. When Blacks got their civil rights and embrace education, social mobility, and politics, it became NECESSARY to supply their community with crack-cocaine, then use their money for community development to build prisons nationwide, and incarcerate their men who were now selling the crack-cocaine to rise above unemployment as providers naturally. It is a case of using your nature and blessing to kill you. Men are providers by nature and do not marry, or women will not take them seriously, unless they are financially stable. So give them drugs as an option against unemployment and lock them up for almost life in prison for it.

Facts about PIC:

About 70% of people who are involved with incarceration, suicide, unemployment, rape, murder, drugs, high school dropout, teenage pregnancy, alcohol, HIV/AIDS, violent, gangs, crime, and all forms of social delinquencies are from FATHERLESS HOMES.

Success of PIC:

The strongest weakness of any community is the inability to keep a husband, logic, or father for the next generation. To successfully weaken or destroy a community, separate the men or logic from the children and give the women incentives to do it unconsciously. PIC already guarantees that the women will learn and teach the children not to depend on their men, but how do their sons survive till they are old enough to enter PIC too? An investment is then needed.

Investment of PIC:

It takes some money to make big money. If women are taught to focus on their career and money, then they will not worry about the absence of their men as natural providers. Then, if Black women now worship their independence from their men as a badge of honor, then they will watch out for each other for support and cut of their men off from their children naturally (perfect divide and conquer). Then, the homes will be fatherless because the men will remain unemployed and unmarried, or will be incarcerated for trying to provide illegally. REGARDLESS, the children will have no father or logic, which the the basis of PIC anyway – fatherless homes. So it is mandatory, to encourage Black women to get education, get careers and money, and promote independence from their men. Those that cannot accomplish these should be given government welfare to encourage women independence. Black women MUST be encouraged to put career and independence before love of their men and unity in marriage. PIC will not work well where there is high marriage rate – LOVE and UNITY.

Solution to PIC:

Black women should have no other choice that to teach their children one gospel: “I forgive all that I have suffered from men because it was an indirect satanic attack from our government through intentional unemployment, crack-cocaine, and PIC against our men”. Then, always encourage their children daily to accomplish two things before college graduation – get a degree and an engagement ring. If educated Blacks start getting married and early in life, it will improve the relationship and trust between the genders. Even if the system intentionally keeps Black men unemployed, Black women should let the system understand that they will always hire their educated Black men FIRST whenever the opportunity arises. Real strong Black women should be ready to face the system directly by action to imply that their love for the children and their unity by marriage is far superior than the fear of losing their career and money. This is because career and money can never replace loneliness and misguide children, especially their sons. PIC will die a natural death when Black men have legal income, the educated class have a high marriage rate, and children have high logic against social foolishness.

Victory over PIC:

To live to see the prisons turn into schools and business centers because the prisons have lost their targeted customers. To say, “my husband and brother used to be there in chains, but today, they are there making money and with brains”. Turn the enemy’s strategy against itself. It may take a decade to accomplish, but are sisters ready for the mental and spiritual fight?

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