How Blacks Should Approach Racist Police & Bad Cops in America
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 1, 2022
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Why Whites are not scared of police:

I have noticed that a lot of Whites do not respect police officers. Even white teenagers and white college students argue with police, dare them to do something to them, or even chat with them by name in public. I soon discovered that many of them know these officers or have heard about them from their parents or other adults in the community.

Who are American police:

Lately, I realized that many officers did not finish high school or even go to college. Some were the class idiots that both teachers and students made fun off. Many officers had no future beyond a minimum wage jobs, until they were able to attend police academy. While many of these bad cops were raised to believe that their whiteness made them superior, but in actuality, had nothing substantial to back up their false sense of superiority in terms of achievement, performance, and productivity respectably.

Why police kill unarmed Blacks:

So one way to justify their superiority is to create a culture of police brutality, which is supported and protected by their blue code of silence, their police unions, and their legally guaranteed acquittals by both the grand jury as well as the American courts. Police brutality is a legalized American lifestyle needed to keep other races, especially blacks, down.

Why Blacks are scared of police:

The fear of legalized murder, criminal records, longer prison sentence, and incarcerations of black males, which leads to poverty, unemployment, untreated bad health, and lack of faith to take risk to succeed, keeps blacks in a position to be fearful of racist police and bad cops. These are some of the reasons why other races outperform blacks in many social status as well as family and community building for decades.

Below are some of the strategies to neutralize racist police and bad cops in order to stop the tradition of being fearful of police and unjust police killings:

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If police stops you in a car or while walking:

Do not run, show fear, or start stammering because it empowers or enables the superior predator spirit in bad police. Instead, walk towards them, look into their face confidently, and greet them politely with their last name on their badge. This take away their power and if possible, recite aloud to memorize their badge number as well. Bad cops or racist police do not want to be identified by their potential victims on the record.

If police shouts “move back” and put hands on their gun:

Just take two comfortable steps back and tell the officer that you want to show your ID. Criminals do not like to be identified, so you just informed the officer that you are not a criminal regardless of what the officer believes. Without permission, go for your ID and if the officer says “show me your hands”, put your hands forwards to show control rather than up to show submission, and tell him you must identify myself. You can then go for your ID because everything is being recorded.

If officers does not want to see your ID:

It is evidence against the officer because it shows the state of mind as a racist police and bad cop. Do not listen to his commands until the officer sees your ID. If he refuses, then inform the officer that you need to call 911 because he is being unprofessional. Go ahead and dial 911 with the intent of recording his name, badge, location, and incident in officer’s presence. He has no right to take your phone or cuff you for identifying yourself. No crime has been proven.

If the police shoots me or tries to put handcuff on me:

Police has no right to shoot at you or put handcuffs on you after you have requested to show your ID or after officer sees your ID, unless there is proof that you committed a crime and try to escape. Officers also cannot shoot or cuff you if you are on the phone with 911 and is been recorded. Yes, call 911 on the officer to report un-professionalism and police brutality in action.

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If the police is not listening and is just demanding compliance: Never run from police! Remember, that many of them could not even finish high school in a country where grade school education is free. Racist police and bad cops are not smart and that is why they make up for it through brutality. Running or showing fear gives racist police and bad cops an excuse to carry out their brutality. Let the officer know that you are calling 911 and go ahead to do just that.

If the police accuse you of what you did not do:

You have to solve your own case to get yourself freedom by helping the police to think. Remember, many of these officers were the failing students in class that dropped out of high school. Ask them for the date of incident, time, location, and description of the complainant. Officer will probably give you false and conflicting information because they are more interested in making an arrest than figuring out the truth. Use the time and location of incident to prove your innocence, but if factual, admit the incident and plead your case to justify your action. Also, insist that they review the camera or call a nearby witness, preferable White or Asian, to verify your statement.

If the police wants no witness or speaks to witness away from you:

This shows the officer is a racist police or a bad cop because the officer is looking to make an arrest. Immediately accuse the officer of being racist and unprofessional. Then, demand to hear from the witness what was said or review the camera with the officer. If officer refuses, tell the officer that you want to call 911 and just call to record the officer’s name and location. Resist the arrest and make that 911 call to get more officer involved, but do not run away. Officer cannot shot or arrest you because no crime was committed. You are not resisting arrest; you are making a 911 call against the officer.

If the police believes someone who lied against you:

If you are unaware of the incident and are unable defend yourself adequately, demand that the police produces your accuser because the officer could have made the story up. If officer refuses, remind the officer that in the United States’ court of law that there must be a plaintiff and defendant or there is no case. Refuse arrest politely and quickly scan around for a person or two you may have had an unpleasant contact with that day or days before. It could be that one of them lied to the officer against you and knows your daily movements. Quickly point them out to the officer and state what actually happened as well as the actual location of incident. You will be surprised to see the officer now investigating what actually happened. People lie against blacks to police because blacks are the American scapegoats and it gives people a false sense of power, satisfaction, and pleasure to have you arrested.

If the police come back later to use your words against you:

Police are known to return to make the story now fit better based on what you told them previously and they let you go initially. Do not give up or feel powerless before police! Remember that many police were the dullards in class and were actually the class fool to all. Ask the officer if they were taught in police academy to always arrest blacks regardless of the truth. After the response, ask if they were also taught to find black guilty even if they are innocent. If the response is “NO”, immediately accuse them of doing just that. If the response is “YES”, which is usually not the case, then ask for their level of education because what is being done is stupid. Do not run from police! Challenge them to use their brains! Call 911 if the police is still unprofessional to document both officer and location for more police assistance. Do not run! He has no right to touch you until other officer come.

If they are many officers against you:

Ask for the commanding officer or the highest ranking officer there confidently. If they refuse to comply, then stand before the female cop and address her or oldest cop. Always greet them by their last name on the badge and always request to show your ID. This takes away their power and it saves lives. Fearful and cowardly prey do not identify themselves confidently to their predators while standing their ground. Stand and make police use their brains or call 911 to bring in more cops if the officer is clearly unprofessional. Get 15% – 40% off Edo Language CDs & Books

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