Discrimination & Unemployment:
Why Black Boys Love Crime, Black Girls Make Babies Outside Wedlock, & Educated Immigrants Drive Taxis
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 16, 2017
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Hello Atlanta EEOC,

I am a bi-centennial American (born 1976 – USA 200 years old – still have the letter from the President) that was born in Ohio while my father was working on his PhD in Physics. He moved to Africa for a professor’s job where I got my advance British grade school education. When I returned back to Ohio for college at 16, I noticed 3 things that made no sense: first, black women in America did not respect their men and have low marriage rates; second, black boys preferred crime to education; and third, African men with masters and PhDs would rather drive a taxi than use their degrees to work. As a teenager, I thought they were all stupid, but now I know that each of them were reacting to the bondage of racial and ethnic discrimination in the workplace against black men.

The Black American woman has already figured out that she is better off living alone with her children than to also carry the burden of a frustrated grown man than cannot find or keep a job. The Black American boys have since seen many of the educated men in their families depending on their women for money or relatives doing crime. The African men who have been in the USA for close to 40 years have figured out that driving a taxi brings in more consistent income and respect at home from their wives than their advanced degrees in the workplace.

I should get my PhD in information systems this year with 13 blind-reviewed academic publications used in universities in the USA, China, UK, and Brazil as of today. In fact, I just got the last two journals published in Europe in 2016 while I was still at AT&T, yet AT&T says I need to write better. I have presented 4 papers in the biggest information systems conference in both North and South America, but AT&T says I need to present better. I have taught and graduated students at Georgia Perimeter College and Point University (formerly Atlanta Christian College) here in Georgia for 5 years, but AT&T says I cannot communicate.

When Faylene moved me to another team under her from where she laid me off for lack of work, after HR tried to move me to another team away from her, seven AT&T employees shared my old responsibilities and most were either Leads or Associate Directors (higher than me). When I emailed the entire Faylene’s team and other stakeholders about me moving to a new team and who to contact for my old projects, Faylene got so angry that she told my new manager, George, to write me up for abuse of email in my PIP in order to make me fail the PIP. The email exposed her and Derek to the entire team, especially her boss, Deno. How do you put a step 1 manager on a CAP and then on a PIP for not doing his job, yet seven step 2 & 3 managers are the ones sharing the responsibilities of just ONE step 1 manager. SHAME!!! This is because I single handedly took a step 1 job and grew it strategically to reduce customer complaints and Derek (my boss) could not live with himself to see me interviewing for a higher position than his.

You will see and hear a lot of well-dressed African men at churches, weddings, and other events that are very well-spoken, but all that is meaningless because it is their wives, who are even less educated or not yet American citizens carrying all the bills in secret. While the black American woman is content with her low marriage rate and being a single-mother, the African women are now struggling to deal with increasing divorce rates because they are sick and tired of waiting for their husbands to finish their advance degrees and become the breadwinners, but it never materializes and the wives are still stuck with carrying the bills. Our children have to watch mother go to work while father stays home looking for a job for years or working part-time somewhere despite his advance degrees. Yet, America wonders why black girls plan to have children with different men without marriage and why black boys like to sell weed and drugs or do sports and entertainment instead of going to school to get an advanced degree.

I believe that EEOC can help save the day if they truly care enough about equal and fair employment for all. Thanks.

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