How to Get into Acting as a Career
By: Prof. Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 1, 2022
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How much can you make monthly as background or extra acting?

In the Southeastern United States, Atlanta is a boom place for acting in Movies, commercials, theatre, and miniseries. Many people are now moving to Atlanta to make a career in acting because they can make about $3,000 monthly acting as background roles.

What is background acting hours and pay per day?

Most filming last from 8-16 hours daily and pay a time and a half for overtime (usually after 10 -12 hours) with a pay of about $88-$200 daily depending on number of hours for background roles.

Does film production provide food & refreshments?

Yes. They also provide meals every 6 hours or twice within a filming set along with snacks and drinks throughout the filming period. Unfortunately, the crew team, who are usually union workers (production & main characters), get the best food and snacks because they are under a union while background gets lower quality food and snacks in a different station at the same locations. Many background workers feel discriminated against, but union workers must be provided a certain standards of service. It seems to be a cost issue for film production to provide equal service for all.

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What are some of the best film productions and casting agencies?

There many film productions like Disney, TV ONE, NBC Universal, HBO, and Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta and the southeastern USA. The best casting agencies are On Location Casting; Destination Casting, Casting TaylorMade, Alessi Hartigan Casting, Kaast, and Kimmie’s Background. You can open a free account with them on their website or through their social media, like Facebook.

Is acting as non-union better than acting as union?

In acting, you can either get jobs as non-union or union, such as SAG-AFTRA. As non-union, you can take any acting job you are booked for, but as union, you can only take union jobs unless you are in a right-to-work state, like Georgia. Joining a union guarantees that you will get paid union accepted pay and a union production usually pays more than non-union production. You must first feature in a union role or production to become eligible to join an acting union. You also need to pay a one-time fee of $1,200-$2,500 to join an acting union. You can get more work as a non-union, but you get a lower non-union pay.

What is a background role in acting?

The basic acting role is the background role. Your pictures and short video clip is used to determine you eligibility for the job along with your city of residence. Backgrounds are usually non-speaking roles, who are surrounding the main characters. You usually receive the holding location from your casting agency by email and when you get there, the production uses a bus to take you to the filming location or you walk if it is nearby.

What is the difference between holding, wardrobe, and kraft in acting?

You return to holding location for meals and wardrobe. Wardrobe is the department that provides the clothes and costumes for you if they are not satisfied with your clothing. All clothing and customers must be returned at the end of each day. It is recommended that you bring 2-3 different clothing for wardrobe approval. Kraft is the station at the filming location where snacks and drinks are provided by production. Get 15% – 40% off Language CDs & Books

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