How to Buy the Best Mutual Funds Monthly
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 1, 2022
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Is investing in stocks better than investing in mutual funds?

I encourage people to invest in mutual funds because they are more stable and reliable than stocks. I have made lots of money in stocks and lost it all in one day because you are investing in one stock. Mutual Funds have about 10 stocks, so if one stock is misbehaving, the other stocks can hold up your profit, unless the economy is tanking and most of the stocks are going down. If this is the case, sell your mutual funds and hold your money until the economy recovers.

How long can I invest in stocks and mutual funds?

It is recommended that you keep your mutual fund investment for 60 days before selling it or you may be penalized, such as prevented from investing in certain funds or face suspension. You can buy stocks and sell them anytime, but you must give it two days for the purchase to settle before you sell again with the same investment money to avoid any violation.

How to invest in mutual funds for at least 60 days:

When buying a mutual fund, first look at the best year-to-date (YTD) performance and then see if they had a strong one through 10 year performance while ignoring the star ratings. If both are high compared to the rest, buy the best performing ones and keep them for 60 days. Reevaluate your mutual funds after 60 days and decide to either keep them or sell them. If you decide to sell them, use the strategy above to buy new mutual funds that are performing best.

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Best Performing Mutual Funds for May 2022:

MFTXF – Arrow Managed Futures Class A – (YTD: 43.78% / Minimum to Invest: $5,000)

MFTTX – Arrow Managed Futures Class C – (YTD: 43.56% / Minimum to Invest: $5,000)

FSENX – Fidelity Select Energy – (YTD: 39.69% / Minimum to Invest: $0.01)

RSNRX – Victory Global Energy Class A – (YTD: 35.01% / Minimum to Invest: $2,500)

PCLNX – PIMCO Commodities Plus Class 1-3 – (YTD: 32.78% / Minimum to Invest: $0.01)

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