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Aimiuwu, E., & Bapna, S. (2011). Measuring Innovation Using Business Intelligence Dashboards, Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings, Paper 414, 1-9.

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The objective of this research is to identify the factors that are the drivers of innovation and to propose a means of measuring firm-specific innovation within a nation. Innovation leads to competitive advantages, as well as maximizing profits for a firm, so it is imperative that the firms have tools that measure how innovative they are compared to other firms within the same industry. The emergence of Business Intelligence dashboards provides such capabilities to firms and allows firms to track their innovative capability. Such innovative capability tracking is advanced by a proposed Innovation Score. Innovation is measured by factors such as the size of firm, market power, motivation to innovate, availability of resources, as well as decentralization. The role Business Intelligence plays towards tracking innovation by means of gathering and analyzing appropriate data efficiently is central to our paper.

Key Finding:

Four factors of innovation are motivation, resources, organizational resources, and firm’s industry.

Motivation include challenge of work, freedom to innovate, supervisory encouragement, & organizational support.

Resources are financial capital (stock market value / book value of assets) & human capital (revenue / wages).

Firm’s industry is Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code (number of inventions / number of employees (1,000) or sales ($10,000).

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