Is A Living Dog Greater Than A Dead Lion? - Western Union, Generation, & Success
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
February 19, 2010
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Majek Fashek, one of Nigeria’s most famous Reggae stars, once sang that a living dog is greater than a dead lion. In one of the Nigerian literature books I read in school, either “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe or “The Concubine” by Elechi Amadi, a character once stated that sometimes we stand in the houses of cowards to see the ruins of where the brave man once lived. Also, there was once an African Jew of Canaanite descent called Yeshua (corrupted by Europeans to Jesus), who stated in John 11:25 in the Bible that he who believe in him (truth) will live even though he dies. Despite the fact that I celebrate and adore African parables, proverbs, and folklore, there seem to be a contradiction between the ancient African wisdom and our modern philosophies mentioned above. While the first two proverbs teach that wisdom surpasses strength for survival and longevity, the later suggests to me that courage based on truth is the wisdom by which we attain longevity even after death.
Majek’s parable suggests that a dead lion is gone and no longer has any impact in the world despite all his strength and glory, while a weak dog who is still living can still raise his puppies and live for tomorrow. It also seems that one of our literature giants agree with this line of reasoning. The parable in the book insinuated that it is sometimes better to live long, keep your house, and raise your children than to be brave, dead, and defeated. A closer look at the third parable by Yeshua, who happens to be the Messiah of Christians, is basically saying the opposite. This African Jew teaches that it is the courage for truth based on the wisdom of understanding the value of truth that leads to longevity even in death or temporary defeat.

The dog and the coward are the same while the lion and the brave are one. It is true that the dogs and the cowards are alive in their mansions and raising their children, while the lion and the brave maybe dead or imprisoned, but why are people still watching where the brave once lived after so many years of departure? Despite the fact that the dogs lived on in silence and compliance, can he choose his leaders fairly? Does he have more rights on his own land than foreigners? Can his mansion be taken from him or his children with the collaboration of the Judge with his enemies? Of what value is the life of his puppies if he lived in fear of speaking all his life? In other words, dogs and cowards may live a long life in silence, but it is ultimately an unfilled life.

On the other hand, when even a dead lion is seen at the middle of a road, that entire location will be on a stand-still. No one will have the courage to come close to investigate if the lion is dead, injured, or sleeping out of fear of becoming the victim, except it is your duty to do so with expert training. People will have no other choice but to keep their distance in meaningless locations to see the meaningful location where the king of the beast lies in death. The lion is a brave and truthful beast. It is what it is no matter what. He does not pretend to eat vegetables just to please you. He never pretends that he no longer likes meat so that his cubs can live a life that is not meant for them just to see another day. Instead, if the meat (animal) is too big, he teams up with his lionesses to bring it down in broad daylight and invite the cubs from their hiding to join in the feast afterwards. It is because of this honesty and courage for truth to all that he is not only revered even in death, but his descendants as well. Many lions have long passed away, but people still revere their lionesses and their cubs because they know that they will always stand for the truth (their nature) no matter what. This means that if you put the courage for truth based on the understanding of its undying value above the fear of losing a paycheck, losing a contract, losing your title or status, losing the election, losing payback or bribe, losing favors or connections, and losing your life, you and your children will always get whatever you want even in death eternally (for generations).
Nigeria tends to be a nation of dogs and cowards. They claim not to care about whatever the government is doing as long as they can feed their children, send them to some schools, and collect foreign currency from Western Union. They are very quick to support an illiterate Alhaji, a corrupt General, a visionless Mallam, or a sycophant Chief just for a small token at the expense of their children’s future. They are fond of building castles where other dogs go stand to see where the lions once lived. They want the lions to fight and die for them, so that they can laugh at him later and call him stupid, thereby multiplying the bondage and suffering of their own children. Instead of praying to be a lion or standing by the lions for the future success and benefit of their children, they tell their children to remain a meaningless dog just to live, see, and hope for a better tomorrow they never fought for. Nigeria, a nation of 150 million people, was without a President for almost 3 months and its citizens were scared to act out the truth about an acting President until a woman minister, Dora Akunyili, courageously stood for truth and within hours, Nigeria was set in the righteous path of truth again.

As for the Nigerian Super Eagles, just as the lion is the king of the beast, so the eagle is the king of birds. We must live in truth and the understanding of its values. It took great Nigerian soccer players from the past to steer Nigeria into a soccer loving nation with tons of soccer stars playing all over the world. It will also take great Nigerian coaches today to make Nigeria a soccer coaching nation for the entire world and their professional leagues to hire from. Amodu has qualified Nigeria twice for the FIFA World Cup, Keshi has qualified Nigeria and Togo to the FIFA World Cup, Siasia has given us glory in the Olympics and the Under 20. So why are Nigerians and the NFF still acting like dogs in need of a foreign master? Please let Amodu and any of these men go to FIFA 2010 World Cup in victory or defeat to start inspiring our children towards a greater coaching career and the need to improve the Nigerian Professional Football League.

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