Is Tavis Smiley a Traitor to Americans and Blacks?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Feb 2008
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After all the slavery, discrimination, and bondage of years ago, America has come to such a matured stage in its history to heal the wounds between the masters and the slaves by unifying and electing a first Black President. It is a divine opportunity for the greatest nation in the world to inform its descendants and the world alike that the justice, unity, and freedom that has defined us for centuries is actually true and attainable. Just when American is about to silence the world with its success story that will keep all its critics quiet, here come selfish Tavis Smiley and his State of the Black Union. Is Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union more important that the union of the United States during a Presidential race in the time of war?
Strategic Tavis Smiley has nothing better to do that to feed parasitically from the momentum of Obama’s campaign. He is claiming that Obama does not care about Black issues because Obama will not attend his State of the Black Union event hosted annually in February. The world is not begging Tavis to campaign for Obama, but he must realize that the Presidential race of the United States is more important than any single racial event. Black history is everyday not just February, so he can move his event to any other day after the Texas and Ohio primaries. If he really cares for Black people that much, is it more important that he lets Obama campaign effectively and win, or have his Black event with Obama in it and rob America off its historic and victorious moment.
Whenever a Black slave wanted to run away at night, it was always another Black slave that went to tell the unaware master of all the plans and escape route. Now, Americans are planning on turning their bloody and painful history around, but here comes smiling Smiley with his self-defined union event. He knows fully that his so called “Black Union” event will breakdown the momentum of Obama’s campaign amongst some Blacks of low mentality who can not see beyond their noses. Hillary will attend Smiley’s event because she needs the Black votes, but Obama can’t attend because he needs the White and Hispanic votes. I can say with confidence that Tavis Smiley is an American patriot and a lover of Blacks because he is obviously putting the nation’s historic moment ahead of his racial union event, and he is also trying very hard to heal the wounds of Blacks by turning them against Obama – the sellout. Congratulations Tavis.

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