Jesse Jackson and the Hindrance of Black American Progress
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 10, 2008
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Rev. Jesse Jackson of all people should know from the Bible that it was Moses, the Jew that was raised in the house of Pharaoh that led the Jews out of bondage and towards prosperity. It was not the actual Jewish slave in the field or the slum. As a Black American who was raised on African soil, I have noticed the negative tension amongst indigenous Black Americans towards other Black who tend the have a better idea or who are better at doing something. There is this hatred and animosity when you bring a different or a better idea. They tend to challenge you instead of listening, or worse, ask you what you are doing in America, or tell you that you are not Black enough. God has sent many Moses into Black neighborhoods, schools, and places of work, but they are rejected.

Many Black Americans would tell you that they like things the way they are and do not want to change. Many love their single mother homes, they prefer to hustle than to go to college, and they prefer child support rather than marriage. This has become a celebrated culture that even on Mother’s day, you even hear people praising singles mothers on Black talk radio, but not one praise to married mothers. Jesse Jackson has done well in challenging America in realizing that the descendants of the slaves have a lot of catching up to do, but he has failed to challenge Black Americans to be more responsible in their choices and way of life, like Obama, Farrakhan, and Bill Crosby have done.

Black America needs a new leader or leaders to take the baton from Rev. Jesse Jackson for progress and prosperity. Obama is the Moses not just for the Blacks in America, but for all Americans. He is an African American of African birth and was raised by White Americans. This is as good as a Jew being raised in the house of Pharaoh away from the mentality, slums, and culture of bondage. Descendants of slaves just like the ancient Jews need to understand that it is possible to be the main Presidential Candidate in America, be a Harvard graduate instead of going to community colleges, be successful with a Black wife, be Black and be loved by White supporters, be well dressed and well spoken, do not have to hold a gun or go to jail to be known, and most importantly, turn down huge dollars just to serve the Black community.

Jesse Jackson needs to step out of the way and let nature take its course. It is time for the shackles of racism to be broken, not necessarily by matches and fanciful speeches, but by a people realizing that it takes making the right decisions and living a responsible life. Obama is the Moses that will unite the races of America not through fear and discomfort, but through a patient and collective understanding that all Americans are actually equal to compete fairly. This will occur as long as they have a stable family culture and are prepared to acquire the required and current skills to be relevant in the modern economy.

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