Jesus and Civil Rights - Wikipedia, Justice, & Segregation
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007
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Wikipedia defines civil rights as the protections and privileges of personal power given to all citizens by law. Is this the purpose of God for humanity and is this what Jesus and other spiritual leaders suffered and died for? Is this what God means to worship him in spirit and in truth? The ability for an individual, a people, and a nation to maintain justice and fairness to all citizens under their law without favor or preference is to be a child of God.

Jesus broke discriminatory laws to bring us closer to God. He healed the sick on the Sabbath, which was against Jewish laws. He openly accepted the Gentiles (non-Jews), which was legally unclean and unacceptable. He allowed women to openly join his ministry and stood with an adulteress that was supposed to be legally stoned to death. He openly called a Samaritan, which was Israel’s hated enemy, his neighbor. He refused to allow the legalized foreign exchange profits in the temple and gave assurance of paradise to a criminal on the cross. Is this not far above the call of duty to God’s purpose for humanity?

Prophet Mohammed refused too accept the corrupt practices and ways of life of his people. He spoke against it was driven out of his city. He later returns as a fighter of justice and fought to bring a new way of life for his people and followers. Confucius basically died a poor broken man but has a huge following till this day, even in academia and government. He refused to accept the corrupt way of life of the Chinese kings and lords, and he always spoke the truth no matter what to make the life of his people better that it was. For this reason, he was never hired as an advisor by any palace or court. To this day, we all know Confucius but not the Chinese lords or kings.

This shows that the ultimate call to the children of God is to stand for civil rights for all citizens and humanity. The Devil was able to quote the scriptures to Jesus while tempting him, and was even with God before he went to cause the havoc of Job. What separates a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a New Age person, an Atheist, or a Scientist from evil, the Devil or Satan if they never stand for civil rights? To always turn the cheek whenever there is unfairness at the place of work or school, to elect people into positions you already know will kill others or be unfair to certain groups, to intentionally encourage the heritage and traditions of hate and discrimination, or worse yet, to love God and be against civil rights is totally a life without God or the Holy Spirit.

Every lover of God and country must join a civil rights organization in making sure that our country and leaders are doing God purpose to our fellowman. We must speak up and march together as one like Jesus and the great prophets and teachers did. This is not a job for an individual, but for all God’s children regardless of race and gender. I will recommend the National Action Network and we must support civil rights with out time, energy and money. That was the purpose of God’s plan and not building massive churches that encourage segregation and oppression of others. The world is doing down because civil rights is down. Come on, all God’s children and let us bring God’s purpose to ourselves and the world.

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