Jesus Must Take A Stand
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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Jesus in Matthew 5:13, once asked the people what would happen if salt lost its saltiness, and he answered that it will be thrown away to be trampled upon. This is the standard attitude towards anything that is no longer of value. It is thrown away and ignored, or people start looking for a new and better substitute. This had become the quality of Christianity in the 21st century. It is now a rejected and a dissatisfying religion that has become more of a tradition than a way of life that belongs to God.

It is true that Christianity did help to civilize Europe along with the power of reasoning over tradition and faith, but to many non-European people, Christianity symbolizes slavery, colonization, loss of language and culture, and ultimately, a foundation of being inferior in the global society. Many people find it hard to separate Christianity from Europeans. The popular Christianity of today has nothing to do with Jesus, the son of God, but everything to do with the globalization of a controlled labor force and resource control of non-Europeans lands for European needs. This is the very reason why Israel was created; this is why Iraq was invaded and occupied, it is the reason why we now have a war in Lebanon, it was also the justification for the crusade wars for Jerusalem around the 12th century, and I hope you have not forgotten the colonization of Africa and the enslavement of Africans to the new world. It was all based on popular Christianity – wealth based on the enslavement and colonization of another.

Popular Christianity has become a political and economic system where they create a problem in a non-European country, and then they have to go fix the problem to create peace after a rebellion rises against the problem. While fixing the problem to bring peace and stability for European trade, they never fail to give out the Bibles and build schools or job training centers. These heavenly bound Christians, give these Bibles and baptize the locals not necessary for the locals to get closer to God, but to convince them that their political and cultural setup is wrong, even if their way of live is Biblically acceptable. The schools are built to mentally train the locals to conform to European mindset with a guarantee of securing a good paying job in their companies which is now based on the local resources the Christians now control. Some of these locally trained minds are also made to become the puppet government of the freed nations. With time, these locals begin to rely on and cater to European ideals for sustenance, and by this, they can no longer trade as equals, but instead start depending on Europeans aid at very high interest rates.

This is the very Christianity that crippled Africa till this day; it is the political and economic system ravaging South America, and it is this Christianity that Islam has vowed to fight to the very end, and not Jesus, prosperity, freedom, or democracy in the true sense of the word. Even Mahatma Gandhi of India, who is neither Arab nor Muslim, once said that he loved the Christ but not the Christians (European political and economic policies). Modern and popular Christianity has become justifying wars against those fighting for their land, invasion of military troops based on weapons of mass destructions that never existed, preventing others from have nuclear bombs when they have nuclear bombs, and not negotiating with “terrorist” who want to defend their land. Since when did Jesus become a justification for double standard, arrogance, inferiority, and murder?

When gold was in high demand, the Christians of Spain went to Peru and made a deal with the Inca Priest to meet him and his warriors in peace. When they met, the Christian Priest gave a Bible to the Inca Priest. The Inca Priest threw the Bible away because it would not speak to him. This became the justification of shooting all the unharmed warriors to death and imprisoning their Inca Priest in exchange for resources. They also convinced the Inca Priest that they would free him if he became a Christian. Despite the fact that he told the Christians that he did not understand their Christianity, he accepted it, along with many of his people through time. At the end of it all, the Christians of Spain burned the Christianized Inca Priest alive without getting the freedom he was promised, and they kept the gold and the land.

When it was the time for rubber and timber, the Christians of England visited the Benin Empire whose capital was Benin, in mid-western Nigeria. Despite the fact that Christianity was already there, not in the name of Jesus, but in the name of trade with the Portuguese, the Christians under the Queen tricked the Oba of Benin into signing a trade agreement, which was actually a protectorate agreement giving the British authority over the Kingdom. This became the moral and legal justification to invade Benin with canons and guns and to take the land the Oba had given them. What king signs away his kingdom for free to commoners? When spices and fruits became a high demand commodity, the Christians of Dutch (Netherlands) and England visited South Africa, which was also a strategic trade post between Europe and Asia before the creation of the Suez Canal through Egypt. When they got there, there were no African settlements at the southern border by the ocean because of health and food preservation reasons. As the Europeans expanded their presence towards the African settlements, they met swift and strict resistance from the Zulus and other ethnic groups. The Christian justification for massacring the African groups and creating a system that became the genesis of apartheid in South Africa was that when they came there, there were no Africans by the ocean where they settled, so they also had a claim to the land.

Today, oil is the commodity in high demand. After oil was discovered in the Middle East in the 20th century, England became instrumental in breaking up the Ottoman Empire into the colonized Arab states you see today, but they left without uprooting the roots of Islam in the region. Now, how will the Christians of Europe get rid of Islam, convince the Arabs to follow their democracy, and control the oil eventually? What justification can they create that is linked to God or Arab land? The creation of Israel is very convenient and the Christians of America are right behind it. It is for this very reason that the Church of America elected President Bush into office to make sure that this justification is validated. This is the reason why Israel, a nation of European descendants that practice Judaism as their religion must defeat the owners of the land who are blood descendants of Abraham. It is the reason why Arabs and Palestinians must be seen as children of the “rejected Ishmael” and not his father-Abraham, and lastly, it is the reason why the Arabs must be labeled as “terrorists” because they fight without uniforms, tanks and airplanes (technology).

Is Jesus Christ, along with his genuine followers, going to sit and watch this happen again after many centuries? Is Jesus Christ going to let His Name be rubbed in the mud and lose its saltiness? I hope it is not the case where Christ said that while He and his followers were asleep, the enemy came and planted weeds among the wheat (Matthew 13: 24-29). It is about time that Jesus and his follower rise up in the spirit and in the physical, and take over his kingdom on earth. Christianity is now a pig stool in the mud based on its political and economic deeds. This is why many cathedrals are empty today and Islam is still the fastest growing religion. This world is now so tired of popular Christianity that it has decided to pursue other substitutes, such as atheism, new age religions, witchcraft, devil worship, and extinct ancient religions. Popular Christianity is now so bad that even the children of the Christians no longer go to church nor read the Bible. These children also tell their government to get rid of those Biblical symbols from all of their political, legal, and economic centers. Many of them will even tell you in broad day light that they give others Christianity so that they can become their political dependants and economic consumers.

I hope God has reserved his followers for Jesus in this age like He did in 1 Kings 19:14-18, where God reserved seven thousand followers that did not conform to the standard of the popular religion. It is time for Jesus and his true followers to take a stand and have a positive influence in our world today. This is because, it is no longer the blood of Christ that is uniting the people towards God in today’s world, but instead, it is the blood of the people that is being spilled by the popular “followers of Christ” for the worldly gratification of their flesh that was supposed to be given up for Jesus.

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