Jim Brown and OG Snacks
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007
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Jim Brown is not just one of our football greats but he is also a man that has fought for Black empowerment in America. It is true that he is strong and can be hot tempered, but we must accept the fact that Jim has our best interest at heart and he is interested in uplifting America economically through Black economic and political empowerment. He is also known to be an entrepreneur, have had talks and meetings with government officials including presidents, and has tried to stop gang and teenage violence on American streets.

Currently, Jim Brown and Larry Johnson of the New York Knicks have come up with a new snack line that I believe is targeted to Black youths. From what I understand, they are coming out with candy, snack bars, and drinks and they are all called OG SNACKS. The controversy is that OG stands for Original Gangster. Many feel that a great man with so many accolades should be encouraging kids to stay away from that lifestyle instead of glorifying it. Some say that they really do not care what the snack line is called as long as some of the profits come back into the community. I feel that we must be careful about what we support regardless of if it give back to the community or not, because bad money eventually leads to punishment and death, except you receive it through legitimate trade and service.

Jim Brown, from what I have seen, is a man that likes to meet people or the youths were they are. The African adage says that it is the rat in the house that shows the one outside how to get in. It never said the human shows. You must first be or act like a rat to lead them were you want them to go. A speaker must deliver a message in a language the audience can relate to otherwise there will be no true communication. Many Black youths and gang members in urban American know who Jim Brown is and what he stands for, and they will always listen to him because he can relate to them. Sometimes, you need to use a word to change the personality of the mind and behavior of the individual. I know the Jim Brown that I know would like the Black youth too think about the true meaning of OG while they are eating the snack, producing the snack, and enjoying the profits in the community. Is an Original gangster a person who carries a weapon to hurt his neighbor or he is the one that produces business, jobs, and profits for his neighborhood? I hope I am right.

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