Michelle Obama May Sink Barack
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
June 4, 2008
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At a period where the civilized world and all advocates of fairness are celebrating the beginning of racial harmony and balance, I am partially saddened at the fact that we may lose the grand price because of Michelle Obama. It is not my intention to put down the role of women in politics, but unlike other potential “first spouses”, Michelle is too vocal and too involved openly.

It is true that Bill Clinton, as a former President, is helping to campaign for his wife, but like Cindy McCain, he knows how to let Hillary be the star of her show. On TV, I always see Bill and Cindy behind the Presidential candidates or beside. They do not interrupt during interviews to steal the candidate’s questions. On stage, they stand aside, sometimes with their children, to let the candidate handle his or her business. Michelle Obama does not understand this. It appears that she is the stereotypical “strong Black woman” who must be strong at all times. Strength is good, but it must be guided by wisdom. She is usually in front of Obama and appears to be taking the lead when greeting the audience. Someone who is close enough to her needs to tell her to sit back a little bit and talk less.

I saw this because Fox News and the Republican company I worked for during the last election was able to use John Kerry’s wife against him. It is obvious that nothing will stick on Obama, so they will turn to the weakest link. It will not be Rev. Wright or Father Pfleger, but Michelle. Like in the case of Kerry, they will begin to ask in TV advertise who the real president will be, if Obama is elected. Some will question the competence of Obama leading America, when it is obvious that Micelle tends to lead openly in the campaigns. Michelle appears to be too involved that we can conclude that whatever she says or do can justifiably be part of Obama’s campaign, unlike Cindy McCain. I am a little worried, and I do not want the Christian and traditional undecided voters to see this as a justified weakness on the part of Obama when Fox News and the Republicans start focusing on Michelle as a quicksand to sink Obama.

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