The Misrepresentation Between God and Devil
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I get your flow (though I didn’t read the entire article -I’ll do so in a bit)
The key is breaking the multiple chains of “fear” – without which we will
always be enslaved to them.

By and large, the African’s highest motivation is brought about by fear.
Religion: fear of the devil not the love of God. Education: fear of poverty not
the love for wisdom & knowledge or building the society with rare abilities.
Politics: fear of – diminishing contracts, respect, power not the love, or rare
understanding of the art & science of administration, management, collective
progress… etc.

We need to divorce ourselves from this fear based way of living, which is being
rubbed in the more with the unfair debt burden on countries and a
misunderstanding of the system of governance that is congruent with our
tradition. Not this Western-based democracy with its Western Capitalism, and
Western Values.

Not to worry, in the near future and with the right inspiration, I’ll be
introducing the “African alternative” ~ perhaps even during this Constitutional
Conference in Nigeria.


Hoteph my Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

You know beloved, there will come a Time when the Truth about all that you
think you see and all that you have been deceived about, will be revealed,

some say such a Time will come in that last dispensation of Time ( some
refer to it is the last days ) before all things are to be made anew again

and beloved, now is that dispensation of Time, because such things are about
to happen that will cause the deceived minds to be in a constant state of
fear and misery, confusion, even unto death.

It is being revealed to me to share this Truth with you, a Truth that will
contradict the evil and intentional teaching that come from organized
religion, the part that deceive you about a relationship that God the
creator, so claimed by religion has with the Devil, that old Satan, Lucifer,
the bearer of the False Light.

As I often say to you, I come, I share, you either reject or accept,
regardless I move on.

Beloved, God has no relationship with the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, only the
seed of such teaching is sowed by Religion and such teaching is required to
be believed, because belief does not require the act of independent thought,
just belief in somebody else thoughts.
I am here to tell you that God the creator, the one that has no beginning
nor is it in any form, an anthropomorphous Being It is not, therefore God
action is of no need to have a purpose in what it does, for it is the
purpose within its own purpose, so when it act all things become as it is by
the mere action of God the creator, creative action.

God is neither Alpha nor Omega It is the sum total of it all without ever
having to experience limitation of existence, therefore, what it has always
been, contrary to what religion falsely teach you about God and God creation
had a beginning, but be that as it may and to each its own in how we will
allow ourselves to be deceived by the devil religious teaching about God, a
Power it know not one thing about as they attempt to misguide and influence
us into believing about god and not seeking to know of God.

Religion teach that God the creator and the Devil has a relationship with
each other, made a pack with each other, even to the extent it mislead us
into believing that God and the Devil has entered into agreement with each
for the the Soul of God created Beings, the Carbon Beings.

God the creator, created all things there are in the Universe and those
things are created in a state of Harmony, Balance and in Order of Action.

The Beings that are referred to as ( for the sake of awareness ) Woman and man, Religion teach us that those Being were created in what they call sin and is shaped in antiquity and that Mankind has a duality Nature of behavior, one of God and the other of the devil, not so beloved, no greater lie has ever been told about God than that.

God is incapable of creating disharmony, imbalance and disorder such are the attributes of a potential brought into reality by will of choice.
When God created or shall I say revealed the Beings of the universe, Such Being of a High order of being, each in harmony and balance with the Universe, came equipped with the potential through the process of Will and Choice to make of Life what they so choose it to be, absent of any influence
from God, because God neither legislate nor Dictate the Life of that which it has revealed in and of the universe.

Nigeria: Building

Where there is that behavior call the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, it only appear
out of the mental power of Will and Choice, springing forth the potential
ability that come with the mental power of Will and Choice and how we
fashion those two mental freedom to act and behave is entirely up to how we
have allowed ourselves to be influenced by the environment and behavior of
those in like environment.

Lucifer, Satan the Devil they which are One, is of our own creation and such
action of behavior is representative of disharmony, imbalance and disorder,
representative of an action of will and choice and not God.

The Devil, Satan and Lucifer represent a transformation and not a creation
and such has no relationship to God the Infinite and Eternal, whose action
is not to be influenced by that It has created nor is it responsible for the
way we interact with our potential, as opposed to our natural state, which
is Harmony, Balance and order, all signs of a intelligent force of power in

In life there is no state of neutrality in response to the action of
behavior, we either reside in our natural state or we choose to exercise our
potential, with intention to challenge and or become that which God is not,
which is a God of disharmony, ( Devil ) imbalance ( Satan ) and disorder (
Lucifer ) and those who fall victim of their potential, by the action of
Choice and will, become the creator of their own ungodly sensual life,
seeking only the will and pleasure of the physical.

The problem with the Afrikan Proper is, we attempt to serve more than one
master over our life and we can not serve more than one master and maintain
the Harmony, Balance and order that God the Infinite has so endowed us with,
so we set out to be everything to everybody and become concerned with
everybody life but our own and say such a behavior is pleasing to God the
Infinite, when in fact it is pleasing to the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, because
God the Infinite is beyond being in need of being pleased, such an emotion
is of the physical flesh.

So I ask, who is our master or shall I say should be our master, certainly
not God, are we not the Master of our own fateful Life and when we deny

ourselves for the sake of others, is not such the teaching of religion and
such teaching lead us to look away from ourselves and when we do so we cease
to be the master of our own life and self denial become the evident of the
Afrikan present condition in the world today.

By the misguided choices we make in life, we end up becoming the creator of
the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the deceiver in the world, who has no working
relationship with God the Infinite, just a deceiving relationship,
practicing a life of disharmony, imbalance, disorder, the three being one,

whose potential of being revealed by choice and will.

The Son Of man, the master teacher of religion is the creator of the Devil,
Satan, Lucifer, the anti-nature of Harmony, Balance and Order, a source of
action related originally to those people who came to this planet from
another world planetary system, who now are referred to as Black and Afrikan

Proper, who allowed ourselves to become deceived by the Son of Man, the
devil, Satan, Lucifer, the bearer of the false light ( Knowledge of God,
Universe and Being ) and now we suffer from a lack of knowledge of our Blacl
Carbon selves.

It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

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