Michael Jackson's Funeral: A Celebration of Fatherhood
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 4, 2009
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America has become a nation where fatherhood is fast becoming unnecessary and irrelevant in many homes and communities today. Single motherhood and divorced women are not only more celebrated in the media than married women, but fathers and husbands are disregarded even when they are present in the hospital when their child is being born or for the child’s health care.

Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, is one man that did what was right for his family and children regardless of how the media tries to portray him as a bad father. Maybe he disciplined Michael more than the rest because of Michael’s personality, but you see how Michael turned out compared to the rest of his siblings. Michael may have died first, but he impacted the world more than Kings, Presidents, and Popes.

While other Blacks in Michael Jackson’s time died young, were incarcerated, or were a nuisance to society due to the system, Joe Jackson as a man and father, took his children and made them a household name that gave the world so much. I would like to encourage all fathers to disregard what many women and the media may think of fatherhood and go ahead to be a blessing in the lives of their children or any child.

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