Terrorist Mutallab: A Christmas Blessing in Disguise
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
January 5, 2010
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Unfortunately for the Nigerian nation, Nigerians, stereotypically, are a people that like to talk and pose about God, but have never shown or displayed any wisdom in hearing from God or following through on any God given opportunity on a national level. I spend the later half of last December in Nigeria and I must inform you that Nigerians, even the billionaires, are suffering massively. In fact, the lack of money is nothing compared to the lack of knowledge and human development (mental, social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and moral). Many Nigerians are so wretched to the bottom of their souls that they can no longer comprehend nor analyze God’s message even if they can hear or read from him.
I was in Nigeria when the stupid Islamic slave wanted to bomb the American plane for his Arab masters. A lot of Nigerians were angry and disappointed. Many predicted the harassment that we are now hearing in the news about adding Nigeria to the list of terror alert nations, over searching Nigerian passengers, and unnecessary long hours at the airport when traveling from Nigeria. Surprisingly to many Nigerians, I am not even bothered by the incident at all, but rather, I see it as a Christmas blessing in disguise for the Nigerian nation. There is nothing ignoble or shameful any Islamic Nigerian can do now, after almost 50 years of Nigerian independence that will surprise me. This is because the life of an Islamic person in Nigeria was never meant to bring honor to Nigeria, but rather, their Arab masters. Before I share the blessing in disguise with you, let us summarize some basic facts about the incident.

The Nigerian Islamic terrorist slave, Mutallab, who tried to bomb the plane heading to America, is the symbolic combination of the two evils that still plagues the African continent – European colonization and Islamic domination. Africa will never become a respectable contributor to global affairs until it rids itself of these two plagues. Mutallab is a product of the British elite education. These are schools the British set up to brainwash the children of the local elites to eventually govern their nation specifically for western interests. This is the very foundation of poverty, mismanagement, crime, and corruption in Africa, especially Nigeria. He is also a descendant of a Muslim billionaire, who is not only a member of the Islamic oligarchy, but also used the platform to become a banking chairman for years that stole most of Nigeria’s oil wealth at the expense of the Niger-Delta. According to some reports, Mutallab stopped talking to his father over disagreement about the venue and degree of his education. His father then tried a couple of time to get to him, but the Yemen government did not grant him visa. The father then went to the CIA office in Nigeria to complain about his terrorist son, but he was received with a nonchalant wave of the hand.

My fellow Nigerians, God is talking to us but we are not listening. Could it be that we are listening but are afraid to carry out God’s will? The homeless, unemployed, and even beggars in Nigeria can win visa lottery and get visa to come to America, but an Islamic Nigerian billionaire who was a chairman of a bank for about a decade cannot secure a visa to the Islamic nation of Yemen. Of what use is this religion of his and his high ranking in the Nigerian Islamic Oligarchy in the global society? Even a Mexican maid in America can call the local police about a terror suspect and it will be addressed within the hour, but a Nigerian billionaire in the same league as those who run the Nigerian nation cannot get the CIA on Nigerian soil to listen to him on terrorism at a time when the entire western world is at war with terror. If a Nigerian Islamic billionaire, who headed a bank for about a decade and belongs to the Nigerian ruling class, cannot access his son even in an Islamic country or use the CIA in Nigeria to prevent his son from embarrassing Nigeria, then what country are they ruling over? Who then listens to these Islamic Nigerians and their puppets at the United Nations, Organization of the Islamic Conference, World Bank, UNICEF, NATO, OPEC, and World Health Organization?

I encourage all Nigerians to embrace the Islamic terrorist slave with all the inconveniences that comes with his stupidity and sins of his father. This is because on Christmas Day 2009, at a time when Nigeria was without a President due to Islamic agenda, he showed us that Islam has no good nor respect to offer the Nigerian nation internally or globally. He also showed us on Christmas Day that the spread of Islam in America was more important than Nigeria having an able President, the budget and maintenance of Nigeria, and the good image of Nigeria. It is true that Nigerians will be harassed and embarrassed in many nations around the world, but it was actually meant to be a Christmas gift to the Nigerian nation. Now, Nigeria has to figure out how the restore its respect among the nations and be removed from the terror list of nations instead of just getting angry. How do we do this?

1) The non-Muslims must rise up to take control of Nigeria immediately. The timing cannot be better. YarAdua is dying anyway and Islamic Nigeria cannot hold Nigeria hostage without a leader for over a month. Non-Muslims must show the global community that they are now in charge of Nigeria and that Nigerian has nothing to do with Islam by swearing in Jonathan Goodluck immediately. The fact that our President is a Muslim and it is obvious that the Muslims run things in Nigeria is even worst for the nation globally than the terrorist slave and his bomb.

2) Muslims should not be legally allowed to run for or hold office in Nigeria without first publicly denouncing Islam, rejecting support for Arab terrorism, and most importantly, replacing their slave names with African names. They have the option to move into Niger Republic, break Nigeria into two, or live as private citizens. They should not represent Nigeria in any capacity because their dishonor and sacrilege against Nigeria stinks up to high heaven and we are truly tired of it.

It is one thing for the new president to remove Arab slaves from the Nigerian government, but it is another to change the course of the nation by including young, vibrant, and experienced Nigerians to bring the honor and respect that Nigeria deserve in the global community. May Mutallab’s Christmas gift become a fruitful 2010 politically and economically for the Nigerian nation. Ise!!!!!!

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