Netflix Movie - Freedom: Why Blacks have Bad Leaders & are Poor
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu April 25, 2020
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Netflix video streaming service provides the opportunity to watch movies, documentaries, and history on any subject matter, such as the Cuban revolution, the fall of Soviet Union, and the Windsor royal family below.

Coronavirus pandemic has allowed me to stay at home lately, so I have been watching lots of movies and documentaries on Netflix. What I have seen and learned from the Cuban revolution, the fall of Soviet Union, and the Windsor royal family (United Kingdom) is that freedom and progress belongs to everybody, except those who are wicked, selfish, stupid, and lazy – which all basically means “lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding”. If you understand goodness, you make sure that all has access to power and resources; if you know why to share, it is to prevent you from looking down on others and prevent other from stealing from you; If you appreciate wisdom, you will do whatever to implement progressive change; and if you understand the purpose of hard work, you will do whatever to maintain and increase your progress. 

It is not the fault of the Europeans that blacks are living in poverty and have bad leaders today because China, Japan, India, and Brazil were all once conquered or colonized by Europeans or White nations, but today are in the top-10 economies of the world and some are even doing better than their colonial masters. What four things did these nations have that black people and nations are afraid or unable to achieve in order to gain their freedom according to Netflix movies? 

Politicians who taught and convinced the people about their visions for progress: 

It did not matter if it was the soldiers, police, prison, or bullets, the politicians kept speaking until their following became or took over a political party that could run for office. Ordinary people who wanted the new vision and freedom for their children and future joined in to support financially and provide the number to either win the election or remove a bad regime by force against all odds. In the Netflix movie, the Castro team used the radio and reporters to convince the Cuban people about their vision, that they were winning the battles in the mountains against the army (which was untrue), that his followers in the mountain was more than it actually was, and that more people should come join his vision of freedom. Recruits actually came to join him in the mountains in the hundreds until they overwhelmed the army and marched to victory. The army just surrendered!

Followers of the new vision asked the regime to either uphold their vision or be removed:


In another Netflix movie, Even King George V of England, who had a German royal last name, was forced to change the royal name to Windsor, which was British, during World War I to satisfy the demand from the people to remove anything German from England. The king even went as far as walking on the streets to shake his people hands and asked about the economy directly like never before. This soon lead to the royal family marrying the common British people to share wealth and power instead of marrying only from the royal families of Europe because his blood cousins in both the royal houses of Germany and Russia were removed by the new visions of freedom or movement by force to this day. Royal family of England upheld the people’s vision of freedom and is still there, but many other royal families of Europe disappeared or got weakened because the people made sure of that by force.

Faith to install their vision and make new friends to sustain it:

Followers of a vision just go ahead and fulfill their mission without any compromise or excuses because they know that God or nature will send others to sustain their freedom to progress and prosper because people associate with determined winners. According to the Netflix movie, after the Castro team took over Cuba, they chased out their oppressors and redistributed the wealth of the oppressors to the Cuban people, but the United States stood against them for over 50 years with policies, embargos, and blockades to cripple Cuba’s economy and make it a failed state. The Castro team were not communists and did not even understand it, but only chose the path of communism because the Soviet Union came to their aid. After the collapse of the Soviet Union that provided Cuba will billions of dollars annually and manufactured goods, Cuba then teamed up with Venezuela for their money and oil supplies in exchange for tobacco and sugar, which were Cuba’s main exports. A woman that is determined to run away from an abusive husband with her children to freedom does not use the children as an excuse or compromise to stay, she runs off with the faith that better or more prosperous opportunities will come.

Understanding that both bondage and freedom are in the mind:

The cat knows in his mind that he has the right and freedom to eat as many mice as he possibly can and the mice knows in their minds that they have the right and freedom to band together to injure and kill the cat. If the mice stand together to implement their vision, they will have freedom, but if they do not, then they have chosen bondage. China, Japan, India, and Brazil chose freedom. South Africa and the Arab Spring chose freedom, but they need better friends or neighbors to sustain their progress, but unfortunately, the rest of black Africa has chosen to stay in bondage. It was the little states of the old Soviet Union that went to their borders to cut off the Soviet’s wired fences that separated each of them and they went on to declare their independence, elected their leaders, and rewrote their constitution without the oppressor’s permission or guidance. This was the fall of the Soviet Union.

According to these Netflix movies, It is Black Africa and Black people that have failed their nations, economies, and their children in their quest for freedom. They seat and watch others fight for their freedom and wonder what will happen. When their compatriots even try to sell a new vision of progressive change to amass followers, they will laugh at the compatriots at their back and will either do nothing or go support the old failed regimes. With the use of social media, every black nation can get 10% of their population mobilized enough with a new vision in order to spread the support to win an election, start a new political party, or remove the old regime by force if necessary. The Cuban army basically surrender without a fight to the Castro team when they drove into the capital. A nation’s army cannot stand against a million of their people coming for the old regime in the nation’s capital and house of government. Black Africa can remove the old regimes, rewrite their constitutions without their colonial masters, and openly disregard their terms of independence.

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