Nigeria (BRIYOHA): Can it be a First World Nation in a Year?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 7, 2008
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I have come to the realization that nations and kingdoms that defined and created themselves are the first world nations and nations that remained in a state of colonization are those that enhance the economic supremacy of the first world nations. As an individual, you tend to follow others until you eventually define yourself based on what you want out of life and where you want to go. In order words, true freedom does not only come from within, but it also means letting everything go in order to start afresh or from nothing. This is what I also consider the power of zero. It takes great courage and determination for an individual to let everything go and start from nothing, but a wise person knows that his or her progress is only as strong as the weakest link. This means all impurities must go to build solidly.
Nigeria as a nation, politically, socially, and economically, is a curse. First, you are what you call yourself or you are what you answer to. Nigeria is derived from the word – Niger, and Niger is a corruption of the word – Nigger. Nigger is a derogatory Spanish / Portuguese word used to refer to Black people. The actual meaning is slave, miser (niggard), unproductive, petty, trifling, and trivial (niggling). When you tell people, especially Europeans, that you are a Nigerian, you are actually placing a curse on yourselves in their own language. You are basically saying that you are a Nigger-ian – a people dedicated to being unproductive, low, and unprogressive. So when ever we say the national pledge and sing the national anthem, you are begging God, our ancestors, we, and our children to remain in the colonized state of being a happy and nationalized Nigger.

In the Biblical Genesis, God never created anything with his hand, he spoke them into existence. According to my book titled “Living with a peace of mind”, nothing is created in the physical until the word is spoken from the heart, mind, and soul of a spiritual being. When you take an object and pour water into it, it could be used as a cup, but when you turn it upside down and beat on it, it could become a drum. Basically, you name an object of creation for the physical purpose for which the spiritual mind intended it for. When Nigeria was created by Lord Lugard’s girlfriend (not wife or fiancée) in 1914, the intention was to create a Nigger nation for the joy of Britain. Nigger land or Niggerians was the joy of British colonization. It was supposed to be the land of all British colonies that will fuel the British economy forever. British hearts were broken during the 1967-1970 Nigerian civil, because they thought that their poultry was lost. The British actually knelt down to thank God that their sophisticated weapons were used by the Northern led Nigerian military to keep their Nigger nation in place for continuous exploitation.

Nigeria (Niggeria or Nigger land) was never created for the purpose of progress, self fulfillment, or self actualization. This was why Nigeria got independence in 1960 instead of 1957, why the British had to make sure they gave power to the illiterate North, and why they had to make sure that the Nigerian military, the oldest Nigerian institution, was mainly a Northern instrument of control even before independence. In turn, the Northerners had to takeover the British colonization of divide and conquer, and set the Igbo and the Yoruba against each other. In turn, the North, Igbo, and Yoruba, in the name of majority or WAZOBIA, were to sit on the Niger-Delta, for continuous British exploitation. This is the set up of Nigeria till this day and it has never been broken. Nigeria is a nation filled with people living under a spiritual curse. This colonial curse affected how we live, how we choose our leaders, how we spend and manage our money, how we develop our politics and our economy, how we see ourselves, and ultimately, how others see us.

There was a time that Israel was living under a national curse called the Roman colonization. They prayed and expected a savior to free them form Roman oppression. This was when the African Jew, Jesus of Nazareth of Canaan lineage, was born. At about the age of 33, his followers wanted to know when his kingdom of Jewish freedom was coming against Roman oppression. He then told them that his kingdom was like a seed that must fall into the ground and die before it can geminate and bring forth seeds. He was not just saying that he must first die and resurrect for his kingdom to be born, he was also basically saying that anything not done properly must be taken apart and rebuilt. A seed by itself is meaningless, but it must first die and become a living plant to produce seeds that will feed a nation. Nigger land or Niggeria is an illegitimate, cancerous, and disabled fetus that should have been aborted, but how do we now kill it to let it germinate productively? How do we bring Niggeria to its knees and leave us no other choice than to rebuild it from nothing?

To bring any individual, community, or nation to its knees, you have to take away their money or life line. In the USA, they say, “hit them in the pocket”. Niggeria life line is oil. It is over 90% of Niggeria’s revenue. If that oil is taken away instantly, Niggeria will crumble over night. I have heard of MOSSOB trying to declare Biafra independence and placing their flag all over Bendel and the East. I have read of Odua youths fighting to remove the Emir of Ilorin and install a Yoruba Oba there. I have seen in the News the Niger Delta youths keeping hostages and demanding money. We have witnessed villages and individuals burning to death because they tried to steal oil through intentionally busted oil pipes. If any of these groups are serious about the business of freedom, independence, better governance, and a productive economy, all they need to do is to make sure that the oil plants, oil fields, and oil drills are blown up and destroyed beyond repair. The purpose should not be out of hate, but to genuinely kill Niggeria out of love.

Oil is the ONLY thing keeping the British “Nigger land” alive to be managed by Islamic Northerners. Our oil is so precious that British Prime Minister had to call on our number one Nigger (Yar Adua) to come to London and receive instructions on how to keep the oil following, and YarAdua truly went like the king of the Niggers. It is only a Nigger President that will go to Germany and Saudi Arabia for medical treatment because his hospital is a mortuary. When the oil is destroyed, it will be the first step towards our true separation from British rule. This is because Niggerians will have no choice but to come together genuinely to discuss how we can replenish the 90% oil revenue that has been lost. It will present the genuine opportunity for the National Conference we have been calling for. This is were all the peoples, kings, governors, men, and women will look into each other’s eyes and decide if we need to be one country or not. If not, then we split into different countries without firing a bullet. If we decide to stay together, then the first thing that we MUST do is to rename ourselves for the first time as a nation, based on how we see ourselves, were we want to be, and how we want others to see us. Once this is done, every agreement or curse we had with Britain, Europe, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference will be nullified. This will give us the opportunity to think for ourselves, govern ourselves, speak for ourselves, and produce for ourselves for the first time like every civilized, free, and first world nation.

We must then change our currency, determine the value of our currency, write a legitimate constitution (not British inherited or Northern military constitution), define our God and the role of religion in our life as a people, restructure our educational system to suit our development compared to the global community (not colonial education of Shakespeare and Oliver Twist), and most importantly, every city must choose a product, trade, or service they will specialize in and produce on behalf of the nation. This production will even be for the consumption of other nations from which a tax is paid to the central federal government, if any. Every city must be known to produce something – natural or man made for their private economies and consumption, and also for export outside the new nation. This will only be possible, if Odua, Biafra, and Niger Delta can summon the courage to kill Niggeria’s oil production, because Arewa (Northerners) will never do it. This is why “Nigger land or Niggeria” was created with the full collaboration of the North before independence. Some say oil as a source of energy is dwindling, others say that the Northern leaders will soon die away, and then we will plan what to do. I say NO because if we do not kill Niggeria ourselves to rebuild it as one nation or many nations, the old EVIL Niggeria will only transform itself to the next phase if oil is no longer valuable to the global community as a source of energy.

Note: Since I am not a Nigger, I will refer to Nigeria as BRIYOHA until we give Nigeria a new name and spirit.

BRIYOHA – Bendel, Rivers area, Igbo, YOruba, and HAusa; After all, these are our genuine, original, and authentic names since the beginning of time.

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