Nigeria and the Mafia: A Strategic Solution
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
April 15, 2010
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I have always been in love with the mafia movies and documentaries, not necessarily because of the violence and murders, but rather, because its leadership, organizational, and controlling abilities towards profiteering. Usually, if there are about 20 mafia groups in an area, they keep fighting and eliminating each other until the very few left agree that they have more than enough territories and resources to control effectively without losing control of it. Immediately, the surviving few (about 2-5 families) forms a commission of peace for each family to agree not to enter another’s territory and not to kill or fight each other (individual or group) without the agreement or approval of the commission. The aim of the commission is not just to maintain the territories and wealth of the few families, but most importantly, to prevent those they kicked out of the territories or new families from coming to take back what they took.
The problems of many nations and societies and why they fall into poverty and oppression is as a result of 3 plagues. These 3 plagues are external takeovers, puppet leaders, and illiterate sycophants. The Mafia, European colonization, and Islamic invasion of Africa are great examples of external takeovers. After killing as much as they can, they create a religion, culture, and commission of peace, not because they are in love with the conquered locals, but rather, to indoctrinate the locals into their new systems of doing things solely for their own benefit. The most faithful local, who usually was the least of the old system, becomes their puppet leader in spying on, reporting on, and recruiting more of the members into the new system to continuously exploit the locals in exchange for little good. Good examples of puppet leaders in Nigeria are IBB, Obasanjo, Northern Islamic Oligarchy, Catholic and Anglican Churches, and Islamic Mosques. They build schools to take your money and teach you about the Queen, White Jesus, London, and Arabia, so that your loyalty is to distant lands rather than your locality. In order to please the external takeover excessively, the puppet leaders needs to buy sycophants who are unaware of the big picture. The big picture is that they all work for the glory and success of the external takeover against the happiness and progress of the locals. These sycophants must be poor in mind and with little or no conscience to be effective. This is because, if they are intelligent and have a conscience, they would turn against the puppet leaders in favor of the locals because no conscious being wants to be used against the progress of their children and nation. Good examples of sycophants in Nigeria are those supporting IBB to run in 2011, those who wanted Obasanjo to have an illegal third term, and those who wanted Abacha to rule forever.

When the evil Roman Empire can into existence and took over most of Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, God sent Yeshua (Jesus in English) into the world to fight against these 3 plagues. The Romans were the external takeover of Judea, the Jewish religious leaders were the puppet leaders, and the people who were in favor of the laws of Moses were the illiterate sycophants. Each of these people was working for the Roman Empire against the will of God for the locals. Throughout the Bible, Yeshua ignored the Roman Empire. He made them so meaningless to his followers that the Romans did not only come to Him for healing or advice, but He also made it known to the Roman Governor of Judea (Pilate) that Rome had no power over him just before his death. Yeshua rebuked the religious leaders publicly for working against the interest of the locals in favor of the Roman and not God. This was also why he threw down the tables of the money changers at the temple because the money was ultimately for Rome and not the locals nor God. Yeshua also took time to address the illiterate sycophants of his time through parables and teaching about why they must focus on God for the progress of the locals rather than using traditions or godfathers (Abraham and Moses) as an excuse to stand with the oppressors against the interests of the oppressed local.

In summary, the purpose of a Christian is not to go to church 3 times weekly, own mansions and airplanes, be in the spirit 24 hours daily, pray lengthy prayers, always attending crusades, using tithe as a justification to be financially irresponsible, and transferring local wealth to foreign lands, but rather, to organize and stand against external takeovers, puppet leaders, and illiterate sycophants. This is what it means to inherit the kingdom of God. To prayerfully unite under the umbrella of goodness to refute foreign laws, systems, and ideals that hinders the locals, to elect leaders that solely work for the progress and benefit of the locals, and to shut up and prevent the unlearned from speaking on behalf of the people just for their own temporary gain thereby misleading future generations. It is only when you can accomplish this for self and others through organized collective effort that you become a Child of God. This is what Yeshua (Jesus) did and he made it clear that it is only through Him can you get salvation. He actually meant to live like Him and replicate His ideals while building a relationship with God for the betterment of your community, rather than just believing in Him and calling on His name. To rise up against the 3 plagues He fought against while using Him as an example also means that you have accepted him, have His spirit, and are one with God. It takes great courage with the help of the spirit to accomplish this. Not to care, be powerless, and fail to organize against these 3 plagues is also to be in partnership against God. How many of you do not care if IBB rules Nigeria again, or if the Northern Islamic Oligarchy continues to rule Nigeria, but want to make it to the heaven you have never seen? Think again in the spirit.

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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