Nigeria Must Install Jonathan As President Now!!!
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
February 26, 2010
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There was a Chinese story we studied in one of my leadership courses during my MBA program. The story talked about a student who was the best that the master had ever seen but was unable to graduate after years of excellence. Each time he went to the master to ask for graduation, the master would always tell him that he was not ready while lesser qualified students were graduating and allowed to go home. After repeating the courses numerous times and complaining about lack of newer information, he decided to ignore his master and stay in the school up in the mountain. One day, he said to himself that there was nothing else to learn and moreover, he did better than everyone else. So he packed his bags and went to his master to tell him that he was leaving. Without the student talking, as soon as his master saw him with his bags, the master shouted, “Now you have graduated!!!” Unlike other students, the master prepared a ceremony for him the next morning and escorted him down the mountain to his home.
The graduation of an individual or nation to a higher place does not necessary come from prayers, intellect, hard word, or permission from others, but rather, because you are legitimately ready and want to be elevated. A man who waits for others or seeks permission from others to be promoted despite all his qualities is a man that lives in misery. This is the story of the Black race and Nigeria. We have allowed European colonization, Islamic domination, and religion to pacify us into a state of dormancy. Nigeria has not had a President for 3 months and no credible Nigerian could demand the presence, a video conference, or an official letter of resignation or vacation from President YarAdua. Immediately after Jonathan was made Acting President, two planes came in under the cover of the night from Saudi Arabia, where the President was receiving treatment in secrecy, and no credible Nigerian was aware of the President’s return and no descent human being has seen the President after two days of returning.

Now YarAdua’s wife and Northern Islamic soldiers have taken over the Presidential villa and offices because the President is back. Jonathan did not have enough time to make some useful changes in the military and the presidential cabinet. Jonathan is in a weak position because Nigerians are not ready to graduate to a higher level by supporting him openly. As son as YarAdua entered the country, Nigerians should have matched on the streets towards Abuja to demand that YarAdua come out and explain publicly his 3 months of absence and submit to a medical test to confirm he is fit to represent Nigeria. If he cannot speak or walk publicly, then all Nigerians should fire him on the spot and swear in Jonathan immediately. Nigerians must begin to see YarAdua’s sickness as God’s opportunity for Nigeria to steal Nigeria way from the evil partnership of European colonization and Northern Islamic Oligarchy. We should not wait for YarAdua to resign, tell us that he is unable to rule, or allow the northern Islamic oligarchy to tell us to go ahead. Nigerians must take their own graduation towards a noble democracy into their own hands now. If YarAdua is missing for 3 months and still counting while he is in the country, then everything he represents in Aso Rock must be flushed out by the wind of change directly from the Nigerian people.

This is not a time for prayers, a time to go to work, or worry about what the children shall eat, but rather, a time to act and destroy the bondage of Nigeria for a better tomorrow. God gave us a violent civil war in the 1960s to redefine Nigeria, but it became an Igbo issue. God gave us an electoral “June 12” in the 1990s to lead Nigeria towards the path of progress, but it became a Yoruba issue. Now God has given Nigeria a legitimate and justified sick president that cannot even show his face anymore, but Nigerians must not see this as a Jonathan or Southern issue. Instead, we must see it as God’s opportunity to finally set Nigeria on the right path as long as Nigerians have the courage and will to graduate Nigeria into a higher level by installing Jonathan as President this February. This act will not only break the continuous spiritual curse, which is the relationship between European Colonization and the Northern Islamic Oligarchy, but rather, will inspire the Nigerian populace into believing that they have the actual power to choose their president and direct the destiny of Nigeria.

Nigerians like to pray and see visions, but lack the courage to organize and carry out God’s will. If we wait for YarAdua or the North to install Jonathan as president or maintain power till YarAdua is well, Nigeria will remain under the curse, but if Nigerians install Jonathan as president against the will of YarAdua, the North, or the Northern military, then Nigeria will be free forever. This is because little drops make an ocean and Nigerians will be so inspired to control and maintain their political process. As soon as Jonathan is sworn in, the constitution, the military, and the presidential cabinet must be updated legally within 24 hours. This must be accomplished before March 2010. Success is sweet but it must be swift. Please share this with community leaders, Governors, Obas (kings), market women, farmers, school teachers, students, ethnic organizations, social clubs, religious leaders, social critics, the press, and every Nigerian you can find that prefer that YarAdua remains a mere secret to go out to tackle the Nigerian Army if need be to bring about the freedom of God for Nigeria.

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