The New World Order: Are Nigerians Leaders Victims of Prostitution?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu Feb 2008
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I was watching a documentary titled “Life or Debt” and it basically explained the New World Order as an agenda by European thrones or secret organizations to own and control lands and resources, and making every other being on earth indebted to them in exchange for sustenance and survival. Using Jamaica as the base of the story, it shows how these ancient European establishments use their government to create organizations like the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, and other benevolent sounding organizations to make other nations, especially non-European nation, indebted to them. They usually make a leader with low mentality, which they have put in place, to accept a loan with high interest. Even if the loan is used to develop the country, the country gets worse because the rate at which the country must pay back the loan is more that the rate at which the country will benefit from the investment. When they come in to help our agriculture, they only come to convince the local farmers that their man-made produce will grow faster and produce more than the natural African produce. The aim is to cripple the natural local agriculture by selling their chemical and cancer infested produce at rates cheaper than the natural produce, but in more quantity. The goal is to have us dependant on produce from their factories and technology. How do they accomplish these everywhere they go? It is by simply putting their own man in office to sign the agreement and enslave their nation’s future.
A lot of Black men who are married to White women or like dating White girls would tell you that you can never get a White woman to kill her own or destroy her community for your sake. She can marry you, have children for you, speak your language and cook your food, live in Africa for 20 years and help contribute to the development of your town, but you can never convince her to make a decision against the interest of her people or nation. She will kill you first. This is one of the reasons why Europe rules the world. They will follow their men to the worst weathers and disease infested areas of the world so that their men can colonize and exploit any place for their interest. While you can get any Black to kill his mother just to come to America, Whites, especially the females, have been raised to understand and be conscious of their role in global economics and politics no matter where they find themselves. While the average White understands that they are powerful because they control so much in foreign lands, the Blacks are born into the understanding that they have to manage little in the midst of abundance, not have enough food, have bad leaders, enjoy Structural Adjustment Programs, accept the devaluation of our currency, survive with no infrastructure, and also dependence on foreign food, goods, and money (western union). This is evidence of the New World Order in play. But how does this affect Nigeria and our leaders?

In many Nigerian movies or the gossips on our streets, you will hear of a man who sold his soul to the Devil for fame, wealth, and power, but as soon as he dies or just before he dies, everything he once had begins to fall apart or disappear. Such a man needs help while he is alive and sometimes, his family, especially his children, need to be delivered too. The man is basically a prostitute for the Devil. Many of our leaders are economic prostitutes, because like prostitutes, they take the risk of being arrested, getting the disease or being beaten, or even getting killed. About 80% of the money the prostitutes make belongs to their pimp or the organization that owns them. You usually do not see their owners and they are usually indebted to these owners as time goes on. This is because they usually would make less than they are expected to pay. After you enter a contract with the Devil, the more you love your body or nation and try to do right, they more indebted you become and the more reason they have the right to harm you or take your life.

Many Nigerians start out having genuine interest to develop their nation. They actually believe that they are the God-sent leader that the nation needs. But after several unsuccessful attempts to campaign or win elections, they end up pairing with powerful groups that can help them save and serve Nigeria. Unfortunately for them, this is the New World Order and Nigerians are not politically or economically savvy or conscious enough to assist these saints. So they join these groups with the hope of saving their country and bringing it into prominence. The organization assures him the Presidency or Governorship, but in return, he must give them this much money over the course of his term. It appears to be no big deal until his first week in office, a position he got by the organization rigging the election or killing his opponents with or without his knowledge. When he gets into the office, he realizes that Nigeria is not organized and efficient enough to produce at the rate he had expected and his sponsors are not going to wait for him to fix the infrastructures before they start collecting their fees. So instead of investing in the infrastructure to generate more money, he has to give the money to his sponsors at the expense of the nation. The infrastructures are bad not because they do not love their county or want to leave a good name behind, but because the leaders before them did the exact same thing and were indebted to their sponsors and could not develop their country.

Since Nigeria does not produce enough for the leader to pay his sponsors and take care of Nigeria, he results to allowing his sponsors make the balance by making intentional bad policies. He will give contracts to foreigners to take care of projects Nigerian graduates could have done at exuberant prices. They will allow their sponsors to import generators into Nigeria at inflated prices instead of creating electricity in Nigeria to promote and sustain local businesses. They will let the roads go bad, instead of improving local road transport businesses, so that their sponsors can benefit from local private air transportation. At the end, the sponsors always get their money or destroy those that do not comply at the expense of the nation. Nigerian leaders desperately need our help, just like Nigerian prostitutes need our help from their bondage in foreign lands. They have sold their souls and are seriously indebted to their sponsors. This is one of the reasons why Nigerian or African leaders can never leave power. They have to be in power directly or indirectly to keep paying for the debt. If they can’t die in office, they must put a friend in office to continue the payment. If they fail to finish paying their debt, just like a prostitute, they can lose their life, family, businesses, home, and everything they have worked for or what people have worshipped them for overnight.

What must Nigerians do to save their nation by saving their leaders? What must any wife do to save her family by saving a husband that has sold his soul to the Devil? Should she run away with her family and hope they do not find them? Should she kill her husband and hope they do not come hold the family responsible for the payment? Or should she fight back head on by trying to expose the group and their activities to the media and the law (assuming the media and the law are not members of the group already)? Nigerians must take charge of their country. They must make sure that the leaders they have sponsored and voted for are the leaders. The only way to make our leaders indebted to Nigerians is to be the one that sponsored and elected them through a well conducted election. Whoever pays the piper dictates the tune. Whoever establishes a leader dictates how he rules. Every leader that campaigns or runs for office must prove that his support came from the Nigerian people directly and indirectly. Every great nation we run to had a successful revolution or civil war that demanded that the government be indebted to the people. People keep saying that Nigeria should not have another civil war because no nation in the world has survived two. Well, Nigeria had one failed civil war that did not correct anything. These leaders will not leave office voluntarily, because the fear of not paying their sponsors is greater than the fear of Nigerians, who do nothing nor know what is going on with their lives. The average Nigerian leader can not account for majority of the money he is accused of stealing because it is in the control of his sponsors. Nigeria and Nigerian leaders need the help, courage, and the political and economical consciousness of Nigerians. We need to remove our leaders and may be forcefully, and replace them with leaders that will be indebted to us. If we do not, the New World Order will win. Then, our nation and continent will be destroyed like the life of a helpless prostitute, who is always indebted to others that careless about her.

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