Nigerian Oil and the Army of the Lord
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
June 30, 2009
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It is clear to any right thinking Nigerian that it was oil and illiteracy that derailed Nigeria from the great destiny that was bestowed upon it by the Lord Almighty. It was because of Oil (the newly found black gold) and the control of it that made Nigeria to give up the cultivation of other available resources that were already established. This was what ultimately led to the promotion of tribalism (WAZOBIA) against the South, empowerment of a centralized governmental system instead of the old regional system, making of corruption to be a glorified tradition, and installation of a visionless Northern/Muslim Oligarchy. WAZOBIA was prepared to give up its Cocoa, coal, textile, iron ore, groundnut, and other industries just to make sure the South did not have control of its oil. WAZOBIA thought that oil was the surest way to heaven so they gave up all their golden coins for the newly found bronze. Their level of illiteracy and lack of vision did not allow them to reason that the best political and economic countries of the world neither had oil nor the numerous resources God had given to Nigeria.
I have always advocated on this forum that a seed is just a seed, but it is only after it had died in the ground can it become a living tree that brings forth fruits. This is a natural and global phenomenon that is embraced in academia, religion, history, politics, business, and even science. Even in spirituality, we are told to deny ourselves of the very thing that hinders us most from achieving what we desire – many may call this fasting. If we are observant, we will see that we are not where God wants us to be as individuals because of little habits we adore and indulge in inappropriately. These habits may include sex, alcohol, drugs, clothes, material things, and lots of other things that derail us from our destiny. Every nation under heaven that Nigerians run to, or nations through which we have now fallen in love with Western Union or Money Gram, went through a process of DEATH to become the great nation we all want to move to and live in.

The most successful nations of the West and Iran are good examples of nations that went through the DEATH process to become nations of great economic and political relevance in global affairs. Each went through a revolution (peaceful or bloody) that changed the style and kind of leadership, recreated the nation, or redefined how they wanted to govern themselves by themselves rather than be influenced by an external force or ancient established norms. The only group of people that has not yet gone through the process of DEATH in order to align their destiny to their prosperity is the Black race or Africa peoples in general. We are still living under the cloak of Arab and European definitions, their boundaries, their system of law and government, their way of worshipping God, their lingual system, and their economic and political expectations of us. The difference between a great nation and a Black nation is that the great nation has defined itself through the DEATH process and answers to no one. Yar Adua, President of Nigeria, still goes to England in 2008/2009 to discuss Niger Delta issues. When last did China come to him to discuss Tibet?

God has given Nigeria 3 chances to redefine ourselves in modern times away from the domination of the Northern/Muslim Oligarchy and external colonial (the West) forces, but Nigerians seem not to be courageous enough to bring it to a successful end. It is either Nigerians lack vision, majority embrace illiteracy and ignorance, or we love life as it is too much to taste the other side of freedom. First, God gave us the Nigerian Civil War. Maybe it was not well orchestrated, but it failed. Chief Ojukwu tried to get Nigerians to the table in Ghana to discuss Nigeria’s progress (divided or not) before the war, but the Nigerian military (the uniformed face of the Northern/Muslim Oligarchy) was more interested in dominating Nigeria than planning how to govern it fairly and progressively. Second, God gave us June 12. A day that Nigerians for the first time where going to start choosing the most qualified leader for their future fairly. Even the Muslims of the North voted for Chief Abiola, the victor of the election, because the people where tired and wanted genuine change. Instead of allowing the new process of change, the military killed Chief Abiola and gave Nigerians Chief Shonekan to pacify them. For some reason, Nigerians sat down because they had another Yoruba man in place of Chief Abiola and nothing changed. It was like giving a toy to a crying baby to calm his down and he forgets that the original reason for crying was for his mother to carry him. Third and now, God has given us the Niger Delta militants, not to kill their countrymen, ask for ransom, or take hostages, but rather to help take Nigeria through the process of DEATH.

I read on Nigeriaworld a few days ago that the oil left in Nigeria will only last for 15 days because of the damage the militants have done to the oil pipelines. Another article also stated that oil made up about 98% of Nigeria’s exports and 83% of Nigeria’s revenues. Is this not a shame for a country as populous as Nigeria, which is filled with tons of natural resources? If Nigeria was been ruled properly with adequate electricity, water supply, factories, and industries to generate and guarantee employment and production, oil alone should not even reach 10% of either our exports or revenue. This is why Nigeria is a poor country whose revenue, according to former President Obasanjo, is equal to the revenue of the city of New York (city, not the state). Imagine that!!! New York City has defined itself but Nigeria has not. This is clear evidence that oil is not only Nigeria’s physical problem in turning us away from other developments, but it is also the spiritual hindrance that has led to the continuous existence of the Northern/Muslim Oligarchy against the will of the Almighty God for Nigeria. This means that if Nigerian oil is destroyed, Nigeria will be forced to go through the DEATH process because that is all we have. The damage the Niger Delta militants have done to Nigerian oil is so effective that President YarAdua is now freeing all the leaders of the Militants to calm them down from bring Nigeria to its knees.

I would like to call on all who love Nigeria and the hope of the Black race, not to call the Niger Delta Militant criminals, but rather, they should be called the Army of the Lord for Nigeria. We must all come out publicly and declare through our writing, music, fashion, art, preaching, parental guidance, and academic instructions, and motivate them to understand that their job is not to kill Nigerians or foreigners, but to kill Nigeria with love by making sure not a single drop of oil flows for a year. The descendants of Nigeria will forever be grateful to them if they become the reason why Nigerians actually sat down as siblings, regardless of ethnicity, state, and religion, and redefine themselves out of the Devilish claws of British colonization and the Northern/Muslim Oligarchy. The only way to bring the Northern/Muslim Oligarchy and their uniformed Nigerian military to its knees, is to give them no other choice than to sit, talk and agree on how to nullify every physical and spiritual agreement or treaties our political and royal leaders signed with Britain, the West, and their corporations. Remember that it is better to go through a DEATH process of darkness for 5 years than to enjoy the light provided by another against the interest of our children. It will even be sweeter to create our own light out of the darkness of our own DEATH process and answer to no one but ourselves as we modify our destiny with God’s help.

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