Obama, MJ, Gates, and Crowley: A Healing Flame to Unify America
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
July 24, 2009
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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, once told us to heal the world, but Americans turned a deaf ear. The first Black President of America, President Obama, just made his first official trip to the Slave Castles of Ghana in Africa, but Americans ignored it. Now, a celebrated Black Scholar, Professor Gates, of Harvard is arrested in his home by a White police, Sgt. Crowley, for demanding his right in the land of freedom.

Many Blacks are calling for a law suit, many Whites are calling Gates an elitist who provoked the officer, Gates demand an apology, but Crowley says never. These reactions are obvious evidence that racism, the American cancer, is still eating at the soul of America in 2009. We have tried the civil rights movement, participated in city riots, elected a Black President, have Black millionaires, but the cancer of America still continues to be a proud heritage of economic inequality. What must America do to unify our great nation?

In December 2007, the Paul Bogle Foundation and Edofolks.com planned the first “African Slavery and Holocaust Memorial” for October 19, 2008 to unify Americans by killing the cancer that hinders American progress. The goal was to light at least 1000 candles in Atlanta, Washington DC, and the United Nations every October. President Bush, Julian Bond (NAACP), Louis Farrakhan (NOI), Al. Sharpton (NAN), Rev. Jesse Jackson, Darrell Elligan (CBC), Mayor Shirley Franklin (ATL), Speaker Pelosi, Rev. Joseph Lowery, and Charles Steele (SCLC) all turned down our invitation. Only Senator Chambliss (GA) and Mayor Fenty (DC) made an attempt to attend. Almost all members of the Senate received an invitation and I believe this is one of the reasons why the congress eventually apologized for Slavery in July 2008. The event was successfully covered by the Washington Times and CBS, and many foreigners attended the Washington DC event (see YouTube).

Since the government and the courts have reject the necessity to heal racism legally by eliminating the utilization of old slave laws in our courts today, I am calling on Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley to lead the unification of America. Since history and destiny has brought them together, they should agree on behalf of their service to their countrymen to light a candle at the event in Boston at 6:00PM on Sunday, October 18, 2009. Every other citizen will light their candles at 6:05PM at their State Capitol Building on that day across the nation. This is a celebration that must be done annually to commemorate and stand against the continuous effects of slavery and racism that still plagues America today.

I believe the flames of at least 1000 candles at 6:00PM every October beside all 50 State Capitol Buildings will send a message to all Americans and the world that Americans are not only serious about democracy, freedom, and equality, but are also determined to practice our values in our law enforcement, our courts, and our daily lives. Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley should inform America if they are interested in participating in the healing and unification of America on Sunday, October 18, 2009.

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