Obama and Wright: Relevance of Truth in America
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
(March 15, 2008)
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The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the role of a pastor (pastoral) as one who acts as a spiritual guide for a church or congregation. As Christians, we are supposed to be like Christ and understand what is expected of us to be like Christ. This is the role of a pastor or a spiritual guardian in Christendom, which is to live a life that makes us acceptable to Jesus, and lead us into heaven or paradise.

Did Rev. Jeremiah Wright do his job correctly as a pastor, or did he deceive and lie to his congregation? Is America interested in the freedom to express oneself freely and truthfully, or it is only interested in hearing only views that are patriotic? Rev. Wright is leading his church towards heaven and has every right to educate them with truth that heals and removes the yoke off his Black congregation. It is one thing to preach about a problem, but it is another to preach about the origins of a problem in order to understand how the problem could be resolved. Did American not bomb Japan with nuclear bombs? Is America not helping to oppress the Muslims in the Middle East? Is America not building bigger prisons to target Blacks and lower income earners? Did America not fuel the Apartheid economy against the Black South Africans?

Just because Rev. Wright says “God damn America” or American brought the 9/11 attack on our soil, does not mean he hates America or wants to give up his passport. In fact, this is the teaching of the Bible and of God. God punished and cursed Israel many times in the Bible, but still reserves the indigenous Jews as his people. God did this to warn them and encourage them to change their evil ways. Just because a father rebukes his child does not mean he disowns the child.

Why must Obama suffer for this? So in America, if you do not attend a White place of worship where Eurocentric perspectives are discussed, then you are not a true American. So in America, if you do not deny your elders, deny your minority views and way of life, or deny your historical and cultural facts and reality, then you may not get elected as President. Obama must realize that the freedom and peace of a man is of more value than the White House. Obama should seek office because America believes in him as a man and not because he must deny his ancestors, history, and truth. He must enter as President because America is genuinely prepared for change, and not just because of a change of gender or skin, based on lies and deceit.

Obama must be courageous like the Biblical Joshua, and be prepared to lose his life to gain it, like Jesus taught us all. Obama must speak the truth always and stand by what he believes in at all times even if it will cost him the Presidency. If his Presidency was meant to be, it will be. The worst thing a child of God can do is to lie or deny his truths, and still not achieve the purpose for which he denied his truths. If he feels America will not accept him for being truthful and must deny himself, then he should either let the Presidency go or still run and lose it all. This is the purpose of spiritual guidance and true meaning of American freedom and liberty.

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