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Brother or Sister Ehimwenma,

Our Oba still commands respect. If anybody disrespects the Oba, the person is only disrespecting him/herself. First, Omo N’ Oba never had a candidate. Our Oba does not take side with any one and is above partisan politics. You may be right that people misconstrue actions at times, without knowing the proper facts. An example is a man and a woman entering a house, does not automatically means romantic relationship. If two candidates are vying for an office and one goes East and the other chooses not to go East, does that automatically means an endorsement from the East?

The roles of the governor and traditional leaders are different. The Oba is the spiritual head of all the Edos. One misnomers people have is to look at the surface without deep understanding and jump into conclusions. The institution transcends you and I and everything therein. The institution is what we want to make it. Edos can make it the home of Ozolua the great patriot and we can also make it the home of a nobody. It is our institution and the rallying point for all Edos. When the institution falls, everyone of us fail. Years ago, through Oba Ozolua and Esigie, Edos were saved from the Igalas. Today, tomorrow it could be something else and where will our rallying point be? We need that institution more than ever. Edos had three chances to do away with the institution, and our ancestors were wise the three times to retain it for their own good. Except we allow an outsider to destroy our much reverend institution, no one will dare.

I do not want to dwell to much on why anybody who would want to disrespect our Oba or institution. As for Igbinedion, I do not believe he himself feels he is at lager head with our Oba, at least not to my official knowledge. I believe people would always believe what they want to believe. The continuity of our great Edo depends on Edos such as you and I who would not let that happen.

May God bless you for your courage,


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