Policing the Police
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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I am sick of hearing all forms of police brutality against American men of African descent. It was just a few weeks ago in New York that three armless Black men in the car were shot at by police 50 times for absolutely no reason except that they thought the three men had weapons. One of the men died and he was supposed to be married the next day leaving behind the wife-to-be and their son. I do not have to remind you about Diallo who got shot about 40 times for trying to bring out his wallet after the police asked for identification. They also thought the wallet was a gun.

I have not only being harassed by police but I have also heard of Black boys being lined up on the street and arrested for no reason. Sometimes, they are arrested for questioning for crimes they know nothing about. Some get beaten or locked up for a long time. Is police suppose to protect all citizens or to protect certain citizens from others? How come many Whites get warnings for what the Blacks get arrested for? Why do Blacks have to be treated with suspicion of being dangerous? Or is the police (Black or White) an extension of the jail system of oppression whose ultimate goal is to reduce the political and economic influence of Blacks by eliminating their ability to vote and secure good jobs? I understand that capitalism thrives on a consuming under-class that must be created; but my questions is, why always Blacks or African descent, if anybody at all? Like in slavery times, Africans were known to work harder, longer, and endure more for less.

Based on the above reasoning, do you think that the Federal Government needs to create an office and pass a law that monitors and police the police? Do you think that Black American businesses, athletes, and entertainers should also form an organization that pays lawyers and private investigators to investigate and persecute police crimes against Blacks?

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