Precious: Cultural Analysis of the Movie
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
March 7, 2010
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Black America fails to realize that a husband is a greater cultural significance than “my man”, and so is a wife compared to a mother. While spouses will most likely be present to meet most of their offspring’s needs, “my man” may never become your husband and a mother may never have a father for her offspring. Black America is fond of celebrating the success of making it without a husband, despite having multiple lovers.

The movie, Precious, exposed the pain of celebrated broken homes across America. Precious was sexually abused by her mother’s man since the age of 3 and her mother did nothing. Instead of finding a husband to build a home with, she settles for sharing the man with Precious and punishing her for it. After all, having a man is more convenient than the responsibility of a husband. A man moves freely, but a husband has rights. Also, Precious, like her mother, was so starved of masculine needs, that whenever she was dishonored by any male, it was affection to her.

According to the Warren Ballentine Radio Show, 70% of Black women are unmarried and 46% would remain unmarried. Is the independence of women from husbands so sweet or are they being deceived? Many Black women have not only been living in unmarried homes for generations, but many look forward to it even as teenagers. Remember that the main strategy for slavery to succeed was to create fatherless homes and only a wife material attracts husbands.

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