The Purpose of the Biblical Paradise
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 30, 2008
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The Webster dictionary describes paradise as heaven and a place or state of bliss (joy and happiness). The Bible tell us that it is a place where there will be no sorrow, sickness, regret, death, and that we will worship and glorified God abundantly. It also teaches that before paradise, there must be the last days and the rapture, which is basically, the signs of the second coming of Jesus and, the process by which Jesus separates the good from the bad people who did not follow God’s principles. I have been meditation on these Biblical principles for a while and I thought it was time to share with Black people not only the purpose of paradise, but also our roles in the process of it. I know that a lot of African Christians as usual are going to try to dismiss what I am about to say, but I can assure you that they are also the last group of people you would want to listen to any day. To clearly understand paradise, we must first explain Satan (Devil), the significances of 2000 years, the true identity of Jesus, timing of Jesus’ first coming, and when Paradise begins.

Who and what is Satan?

The Bible clearly teaches that God made everything in the heavens, on earth, the visible, and the invisible. Each time in Genesis 1, God Himself saw that everything He made was good. Pastors teach that there is no evil or bad in God, so where did Lucifer (Satan) and the tree of good and evil in the Garden of Eden come from? If God is all knowing, did He not know that his once precious angel (Lucifer the Satan) will turn against him? In Job 1, Satan was among the angles and children of God in God’s presence when they were discussing what to do with Job. In fact, it was God that suggested to Satan to go deal with Job mercilessly with all the evil in the world for no reason against Job. Satan was also the one that came to test Jesus with hunger, power, and comfort before Jesus was qualified to carry out his ministry during the Temptations in the Gospel. The Devil is not as bad as the European influenced Christianity makes us think. We are just like God, and Satan is the other side of God that is not very pleasant. What is the beauty of life if not for the fear of death, what is the value of good health if not for the presence of sickness, and what is the love for success for if not of the fear of been labeled a failure? The Devil, Lucifer, or Satan is that unpleasant side of God that hunts us every second to always live up to our expectations, to be successful and happy in whatever you do, and not to harm and bring down others in the process. Other who embraces this unpleasant side of God to deal with their follow man and creation in general are unconsciously playing the role of God. God is not just one being, he is also a system that included everything possible and unimaginable, including humans. So at the end of time, there will no longer be a need for the unpleasant side. It is like a product or a process, once it is finalized, every impurity or waste is trashed.

What is the significance of 2000 years?

In my book titled “The Political and Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land”, where I explained this article in detail, I calculates the age of Adam using the scriptures, and he was just about 8,000 years old today. So Adam was definitely not the first man, but the first prophet in human record. There is a period of about 4 million years between the man in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Genesis 1 was the man of God’s creation in Eden and the man in Genesis 2, Adam, was a man God put in a special garden in Eden for a test as the first prophet of creation. After God made man in Genesis 1, his first commandment was to multiply and fill the earth. Man did multiply, but refused to fill the earth. The purpose of filling the earth was to master our world with love and understanding as one, but man chose to stay in a very small area in Eden (Ethiopia/Sudan region). Like in our world today, overpopulation does lead to scarcity, stiff competition, hatred, malice, greed, and jealousy. So man began to embrace the unpleasant nature that even led to Cain killing his brother. By the time Cain was driven away by God to the east (Nod), they were already making weapons of war in bronze and iron, and practicing polygamy according Genesis 4. This was why Cain was scared of going to Nod and God had to give him a mark of identity (tribal) of fit in with the Nod people. About 2000 years after Adam, Noah, the second prophet came to the scene. By this time, Adam has not only failed woefully in a garden isolated from the rest of Eden, but man has still refused to spread to fill the earth and has totally chosen the unpleasant side of God without remorse. So God sends the great flood, to reset all of creation. The flood did not affect the whole earth, just around Eden, where mankind resided only. It was after the great flood that man decided to spread eastward into the Middle East from Africa towards Babylon in Iraq in Genesis 11. Science, history, and the Bible all agree that the oldest human fossils are found along the Rift River valley of East Africa around Ethiopia and Sudan area. The river Gihon (the Nile) in Genesis 2 ran through Cush (old name for Ethiopia/Sudan) and the other 3 rivers in the Garden of Eden are in the Middle East today, but man did not enter the Middle East until Genesis 11. Man moved from Eden (Cush/Ethiopia region), into Nod (Egypt), and then into Babylon (Iraq). Upper Nile is Ethiopia/Sudan because the Nile flows northwards into the Mediterranean Sea, but many scholars due to racism intentionally say Cush is Babylon or Mesopotamia. Please know this fact when you read your Bibles. In Babylon, man still refused to spread out and decided to build the Tower of Babel towards heaven to hold them all. This was when God caused confusion of many languages. Instead of man obeying God to spread out as one in love, they where now forced to spread out as different peoples. Language did not only change, but those who moved away from the sun and equator lost their pigment for blackness that deals with the heat, and also had to grow more hair to deal with the cold. So we are actually Africans of different colors and a White researcher from South African has proven this using human genes. 2000 years after Noah, Abraham starts an isolated family for God, 2000 years later came Moses out of Egypt with God’s laws, 2000 years after Moses came Jesus to eliminate the laws with God’s spirit, and we are currently at 2000 years after Jesus.

Who exactly is Jesus?

Something significant happened after Noah’s flood in African and the migration of man into the Middle East, there was only one African family left in the human race – Noah’s family. According to Genesis 10, Noah had 3 sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Ham had 4 sons and stayed in Africa. Cush/Kush stayed in Ethiopia, Mizraim in Egypt, Put in Libya, and Canaan stayed in Palestine (today’s Israel). Shem migrated to the Middles East and is the ancestors of the Arabs and Persians (maybe the Asians too). I could not trace the descendants of Japheth; I assume they are the Europeans. By the time of Abraham (2000 years after change of language and migration), human race became an issue, but some school of thought belief that race came in at Genesis 6, just before the great flood when the bad angels came to sleep with some of the African women and polluted the human blood pool. Many feel that it was this contamination along with the disobedience of not spreading out, as commanded by God, that made God destroyed the world. Now God tells Abraham to leave the Semites and go to the land of the Africans (Ham). He went with his wife, Sarah, who was light skinned. Abraham feared in Genesis 12 that because of this the Egyptians would kill him and marry her for her uniqueness. I do not think Abraham was light skinned because the Egyptians would have given him the same unique treatment as Sarah, but he feared they will treat him like a local citizen. Anyway, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob stayed in African region (Ham) and married African women for so long that Moses was even considered an Egyptian by strangers when he ran from Pharaoh. Joseph married Egyptian princesses, Judah married Canaanite women, and the 12 tribes of Israel were Africans. Why did baby Jesus not run into Europe or Arabia, but Africa (Egypt) and why did African Egypt not know that Hebrew/Jewish Moses was not Ham (Egyptian)? It is because they all looked the same and keep in mind that Arabs did not invade and completely take over North Africa until about 700 years after the death of Christ. Jesus was actually an African boy, a descendant of Ham through Canaan. Abraham’s family has by now lived in Africa for 4,000 years and his Semitic origin was long gone. God always comes back to Africa; it is where he began his relationship with man.

Why did Jesus come initially?

He was born just when Africa, a place where God made man, established his covenant, and chose his prophets, was losing its spiritual, economical, and political significance to the unpleasant side of God. Just about 30 years before Jesus was born, the Romans Conquered a Greek dominated Egypt (Africa) which was ruled by Queen Cleopatra – an Egyptian of Greek descent. Afterwards, the Arab Muslims came to conquer Africa, and then the Europeans came after they captured the African Scripture of God (Bible) and made it their religious book. Most of Jesus’ life was in Africa (Egypt) where he was school to understand politics, to read, and to write unlike many Jewish people in Canaan (Israel) at the time. This made him a threat to Roman and Jewish authority and his job was to reconcile man to God through the spirit because the laws of Moses failed woefully. His job, along with John the Baptist, was to convince mankind to move backwards – towards the pleasant side of God. The strategy or message was to inform the people about seeking God’s Kingdom through the love, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of him (Creation – the environment and each other). Jesus tried to restore the initial commandment of living in harmony since we have now spread over the earth, but do not like each other because race, money, and politics. We were suppose to live as one around the world, but we now live around the world in ethnic and racial blocks and are still committing the atrocities of when we refused to spread. Now that Jesus is gone, the land of God (Africa) as long been rejected and neglected because it was supposed to be hub and joy of God’s creation, but it now signifies the place no one wants to go to, not even the Africans. For the world to return back to God or to repent means to move backward towards God. Like the Prodigal son, Man’s attitude and hatred for God is so distant that to actually repent from our sins is to spiritually, socially, mentally, politically, and economically return to were we all began in love. We have succeeded in filling the earth, but not in the manner God wanted us to. Until Africa and Black becomes a pleasant word again on every human lip, it is will always be a spiritual yardstick by which to measure our hatred for God. This was why Abraham has to return to Africa by God’s order to get his blessing, why Moses had to be born in Africa, why Jesus went back to Africa to prepare for his ministry, why the Ark of the Covenant had to return to Africa (Ethiopia) when Solomon lost favor with God and it is there till this day. God does not do or establish anything without Africa.

When is Paradise?

The hatred for Africans is actually a hatred of God. This is why Africa must remain where it is. It must be discriminated against, it must be neglected, and it must amount to nothing because man does not want to return to God. If Africa stands like it should, control its resources, its politics, and resources, then all of this global wars and oppressions would stop. The bottom line is that the reason the world is at war is about who will control Africa against the purpose of God for all of creation. To cover a lie, you must create a bigger lie to maintain it. They have said Jesus is White, they have said Africans are slaves and free laborers, they have taken Canaan and placed Europeans who practice Judaism there as the real Jews, they have placed a war in Iraq to control their resources, they make laws of segregation and apartheid against Africans to keep us as low income earners, they sell arms to divided African groups to cause distractions in Africa, they say the HIV/AIDS that was created in Eastern European labs was caused by African Apes biting us, and only the leaders they support must rule or that nation will be sanctioned. It is because of the cost of all these lies that the world economies are coming to a halt. The Whiteman, as the leader of man today, is running out of resources and options. American is now borrowing from China to buy oil, Europe can no longer resist Russian or Iranian aggression, and now Venezuela wants nuclear too right at the door steps of America. War is obviously inevitable because the Whiteman will be looking for cheap labor and newer source of energy, so the West has to contend with the Communist (Russia, North Korea, and Venezuela) as well as the Iran. This is why the Bible says in Matthew 24 that there will be wars, earthquakes, and famine. The smokes and pollution of war will be so bad that the sun, moon, and stars will lose their relevance. This will be the time that humanity will be yarning for Africa as a safe refuge because the materialism of the world that was built on the hatred of Africa and its free labor had failed them, but Africans must be ready for this transformation.

Africans Role in Paradise:

It is about time that Africans and all Black people start getting their acts together by electing qualified leaders with vision, which is not based on external interest, but based on the wisdom of God and understanding of the times. Humanity is coming back home to God and we will be the only hope that they have. We must make sure that our resources, economics, politics, and social order are intact. It is the time that Africa returns to prominence and leads the nations to the original covenant with the creator. This is when the son of man will return. In Daniel 9, God was supposed to punish the Jews for 70 years in Babylonian slavery. It was when Daniel realized that it was passed 70 years that he got his act together and interceded for his people. The time is now for Africa. It is as obvious as daylight. This is not the time for colonial and tribalistic ideas; it is the time to lay the foundation upon which we inherit our inheritance in the presence of both God and mankind. The way it should have been since the beginning of time as God intended it to be.


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