The Relationship between African Americans and Jews: A Solution for Black America
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu July 3, 2009
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As an African American who studies the Bible and have lived in Africa for 16 years, I have no other choice than to give my contribution to the strategic development of African Americans in America. I personally consider African Americas (Blacks) to be the third class citizen of America economically, while the immigrants are in second place compared with Whites. This is because while immigrants already have an ancient cultural base to build their love for education upon and also have the drive and determination to make it in America, the average African American has been conditioned and packaged by the American system to be the economic consumer that generates White American wealth.
In the Bible, the Jews were conditioned to be the Egyptian slaves or cheap labor force for centuries. When Moses went to Pharaoh to free the Jews, Pharaoh basically asked him who will replace the Jews if he lets them go. This means that the Pharaoh did not care who the slaves were, he only needed a class of people who was going to generate wealth for the Egyptian economy at little or no cost. It was after God sent the 10 plagues to cripple the Egyptian economy by destroying the agriculture, water system, solar power, health care, and ultimately, their inheritance legal system, that Pharaoh let the Jews go. So God basically made the Jews undesirable to the productivity of the Egyptian economy. It was because Egypt was losing more by keeping the Jews around that they set them free. So how can Blacks become undesirable in remaining the cheap labor force for the American and global economies? I ask because it seems the capitalist system is dependent on an underclass; if it is not African Americans, it will be women, gays, Muslims, fat people, illiterates, or simply lazy people. So how do Blacks make themselves undesirable to be the chosen lower and consuming class?

Frederick Douglass once heard his master tell his mistress not to teach him how to read because it will make him an undesirable slave. So he learnt to read and write until he wrote his own letter to set himself free. I have noticed that in some schools systems in Atlanta were Blacks are minorities in schools that have both students and teachers that are over 80% Whites, the Blacks score an average of 4 in national exams where the average score is 9, and the White kids score 9. In the same situation where the White teachers are close to 50% and there are a lot of immigrant teachers and students, both Blacks and Whites (including low income and problem kids) scored 9 and the average grade for the school was 9. In the same situation in many schools in the Black cities, the grades were even worse than 4. This means that location and immigrants may be a blessing to the betterment of Blacks in America if utilized strategically.

If this analysis is anything to go by, there is no real difference between Blacks in Black communities or Blacks in a White dominated community because Blacks can easily be targeted and prevented from excelling. In places filled with educated middle-class immigrants, it is difficult to make laws or create systems that will isolate Blacks. This is because educated immigrants tend to watch out from themselves and are prepared to organize against any discrimination from diverse sources. Based on their drive to come and succeed in America, it is natural for them to demand better education from their teachers, make diversity a culture, make friends with their American neighbors, do business and exchange opportunities with their neighbors, and most importantly, watch out for each others children at school. It is one thing to have all Black witnesses and it is another to have an Americanized middle class Indian or Jew as a witness. Segregation is successful when you are isolated, but when Blacks start having others speak for them freely and respectfully, it makes discrimination almost impossible. This is because you do not know who the immigrant knows in powerful places to fight the cause of his Black neighbor. The last thing the average American capitalist, who depends on Black powerlessness, wants is to have non-Blacks or immigrants fighting for Black causes even in the absence of Blacks.

My recommendation is this: Blacks must do away with the Black communities, so that they can not be an easy target in anything evil through the law or policies. They should find a way to move into middle classed immigrant dominated areas, not White dominated areas. They should marry or mingle with immigrants (especially Black ones to maintain their originality) to enhance their culture of sports and entertainment, with the love of education and business. They should learn an African language to diversify the way they reason and express themselves. Instead of going to Jamaica for parties, they should visit Africa frequently to make friends, exchange e-mails for business, see a different global view, enhance their dressing, or even have a vacation home away from America. If Black America can accomplish this in a generation or two, we will become very undesirable as an underclass.

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