Should Single Mothers Get Benefits in America?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 2007
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There are three kinds of single mothers in America. There are the widows, the conditional single mothers, and the intentional single mothers. We will discuss these three categories in their respective order.

Even the Bible commands us to take care of the widows and that God is the sustainer of the widow and the father of the fatherless. This is not a category for discussion. All widows, especially the older ones need and deserve some assistance and benefit from their respective societies, family services, and places of worship. We are assuming in this instance that the husband is truly dead. It is not a case where the husband is hiding so that they can get benefits, he ran away, or she intentionally killed him.

For the conditional single mothers, it could be she made a wrong choice for a husband, she or the husband was abusive, or the husband could not deal with the pressures of life. This is a case where separation is inevitable for the health and proper development of the members of the family. In this instance, it is better not to have than to hold yourself back. Conditional single mothers can make use of the already established child-support industry or services, or they can get counseling on how to better pick a spouse that fits her personality and way of life.

The intentional single mothers deserve nothing in my book. These are the ones that intentionally get pregnant and put the man in a situation of “marry me or pay child support”, and usually they get the child support. Some also want children without a man. They feel that by having a man means that they are dependant. This is a cheap way of convincing themselves and others who care that they are strong and independent. Some of them want to be the unchallenged boss by all means, so they try to make their husbands from dependant spineless men for themselves and not the children, which usually do not work out anyway. This is because the men eventually move on or have another woman on the side. Others waste their time on men they know will not be there in the future. These are men with little or no skill, education, vision, or morale. They are usually on the street corners or in jail. This is a life of confusion and I do not see any reason or logic why confusion needs to be subsidized.

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