Should Women have the Right to Abort? - Blue Cross Blue Shield & Health Insurance for Mothers
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 2007
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I say that women should abort if the birth of the child threatens the life of the mother. I believe it should not be paid for by taxpayers’ money and that the mother’s health insurance, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, should take care of it. Other than that, I do not believe that any government or any person has any right to interrupt life on this planet unless it is life that may bring death like I explained above.

In any civilized society, we must encourage all of our citizens to be responsible and accountable for our decisions and actions. If you choose to have sex, you must also consider the result that may occur. If your sexual partners have no legal commit to be present in the life of the child and help raise the child, you should not have sex with any of the partners. If you do not think the partner is responsible enough to be in the life of the child, do not have sex with the partner. If you choose to break these rules and have sex anyway, it is your responsibility to make sure that you or both are protected by any necessary means.

No human or civilized society has the right to interrupt another human life that has being established or is in process. Just because life comes out of another life does not give us the liberty to call the life in progress a disease or incomplete. I know that economic boom sometime comes from the provision of services for convenience, but this does not mean that we can create jobs for abortion doctors, make money for insurance companies, and allow our citizens to be sexually irresponsible at the expense of the life in progress.

Life is always the greatest gift of all and must always be celebrated. When we do not, the entire community suffers in the future. The purpose of responsibility is to live life more abundantly. Life abundantly is to be healthy, happy, and free from regret. When we have the choice to abort, we lose the ability of seeking potential spouses for our children. We no longer are as careful about who we sleep with, it increase the possibility of multiple partners before marriage if any, and it increases the bitterness and mistrust between the sexes. We are who we associate and spend time with. Spending too much time with partners who are not necessary marriage material may affect you in the future when you are ready for marriage because we borrow habits and norms from each other. Some get use to the lifestyle and no longer see a reason to settle down, while others use it as a trick to trap a spouse or collect child support.

Abortion has largely damaged the marriage institution. I believe by not making it legal will encourage our citizens to be more responsible sexually, marry early, and focus their time and energy in acquiring suitable parental partners for their descendants.

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