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Aimiuwu, E. (2017). Efficacy of Social Media to Promote Green Technology Use, Walden University ScholarWorks, 1-132.

Retrieved from http://scholarworks.waldenu.edu/dissertations


Global warming has become a major threat to life, yet very little information systems research has been conducted to help sustain the environment. The purpose of this single qualitative case study was to explore if social media can be used to increase the use of green technology, thus reducing the cost of environmental sustainment. Twelve green energy professionals working in the United States were recruited from LinkedIn. These green energy professionals were selected because their LinkedIn profiles indicated they worked in the green industry. The summary of the integrated sustainability framework, which served as the conceptual framework for this research, is that firms have to include green practices in their business processes, extend green culture to their customers, be innovative, and increase their green market share for the environment to be sustained. Data were collected from participants via phone using structured interviews. Using Stake’s data analysis process and member checking, key themes regarding social media increasing the use of green technology included awareness, education, and reach. Key themes regarding the benefits of green technology outweighing the cost included cleaner, cheaper, and profitable. The results of this study could contribute to positive social change by encouraging humans to use more green technology through social media in order to combat the threat of both global warming and climate change.

Key Findings:

75%–100% of participants said social media has positive influence in improving business processes, increasing customer base, and enhancing green technology use and that there is positive benefit-to-cost ratio in using Green technology.

75% of participants felt positive that social media can improve Green practices in their business processes, compared to 33% who felt otherwise.

92% of participants felt positive that social media can increase Green technology use, compared to 42% who felt otherwise.

83% of participants felt positive that social media can enhance Green innovation in their businesses and increase market share (customer base), compared to 42% who felt otherwise.

100% of participants felt positive that the benefits of society going Green far outweigh the costs, compared to 42% who felt otherwise.

The benefits of using green technology will not only improve the lives and health of humans, but they will also save money in terms of cheaper electric costs and discounts in insurance costs.

Green technology use will be profitable for firms, the environment will be cleaner, and more employment will be created for the people.

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