United States of America (USA) - A Solution To The Middle East Conflict
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
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It has been said that a life based on a lie usually leads to all forms of destruction. Why was Israel created in the first place? Was it because the western powers really cared for the Jews (European Jews) or was it a calculated attempt to destabilize the only non-conformist continent (the Middle East) for resource control? During Hitler’s brutality of the Jews through out the Second World War, the United States of America (USA) and much of Europe knew about it, but initially did nothing about the situation because to them, the Jews were sub-human. They only got involved when Germany began to control more land and resources that they did.

After the war was over, the United States and England did not know what to do with the surviving Jews and God forbid that they leave them in precious Europe. So they decided to put them in Uganda (Southern Africa) because they were many Jewish communities and people already living there in peace. It was during this process that the Zionist (European Jews) came up with a new idea of carving out a state of Israel from Palestine without permission. With the aid of the western powers and the Old Testament translations, the Palestinians were degraded and disrespected against their will and part of their land was stolen from them. It is the same concept that the United States of America (USA) used in taking Guatanamo Bay from Cuba, by force.

The argument of the western powers or popular Christianity is that the Jews are children of God and that they must go back to their ancestral land even if it is by force against those Semitic Arabs. Yes. Did you not know that the Palestinians and other Arabs are also Semites like their father – Abraham? I wonder why the American media call many Arabs anti-Semites. Now, if it is true that the Jews must all go back to the land of their fathers, what about the majority of the African Jews left in Africa? The same African Jews that was the initial reason of trying to put the European Jews in Uganda.

This was all confusion to me. So I decided to know why they are two groups of Jews, why one must have a land and they other does not care, and why Israel can have nuclear weapons and its neighbors can not. Since one thing the western powers (popular Christianity), Jews, and Palestinian have in common was Abraham and Jerusalem, I decided to go into the Bible to seek a solution to this mess. It was during my research that I noticed three powerful statements by God that the world, filled with ignorant people who refused to read their scriptures, does not think about. There are as follows:

First, God told Abraham, a Semite, to leave the land of the Semites to the land of Ham (Africans). It was where God was going to make him prosperous (Genesis 12). Now keep in mind that the children of Ham (Noah’s son) and the lands they founded are Cush (Ethiopia/Sudan), Mazraim (Egypt), Put (Libya), and Canaan (today’s Israel region) as stated in Genesis 10. This was just after the great flood and this was when the repopulation of the African race began.

Secondly, God told Abraham in Genesis 13:14-17, that the covenant of land was for his descendants. God said that the land that he could see and walk through was for ALL his descendants (not just Isaac and Jacob) and that they will also be numerous. The question is how far Abraham can really see even from the highest point? Can a man see an entire city, or the entire state of Rhode Island? This must be a very small piece of land. In Genesis 21:12-13, God made it clear that the covenant of seed was through Isaac. Now, there is a covenant of land and a covenant of seed. The covenant of land was to guarantee the childless Abraham that he will have a lot of children that will inherit the land. The covenant of seed was to guarantee faithful Abraham that it was through him that the nations of the world would be reconciled to God through Isaac, Jacob, Judah, and ultimately Jesus Christ. The popular Christian world confuses the covenant of seed with that of the land.

Lastly, God called Jerusalem in Ezekiel 16:3 a land of Ham (African). Despite the fact that Abraham was a son on Shem (Noah’s other son) and God planted him in the land of the Africans, many if not majority of his descendants were born by African women. For example, Egyptian Hagar (Genesis 16), Judah marries a Canaanite (Genesis 38), and Joseph marries the Egyptian chief priest’s daughter (Genesis 41), just to mention a few. God clearly calls Jerusalem, after over a thousand years after Moses’ exodus from Egypt, a descendant of Amorite and Hittite in the original land of Canaan. In Genesis 10:15-16, is clear that Amorites and Hittites are children of Canaan, son of Ham.

It is now obvious to me that the real and authentic Jews of Abraham do not really care where they live as long as they can worship their God and keep their customs. This is why Africa still has many of them in East and southern Africa. There was a documentary where an African Jew’s DNA matched exactly with that of a Jewish high priest in Israel, who by Biblical standard should be the descendant of Aaron (Moses’ brother) in Leviticus 6:22 and Numbers 18:8. The family of Aaron is God’s priesthood forever. This is also the reason, according to the book titled “The Political and Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land”, that the house of Pharaoh could not differentiate between Jewish baby Moses and the Egyptian babies of Ham due to their physical similarities.

So who are these European Jews that are always in the news fighting and defending the land of Israel? Are they children of Abraham and does the land actually belong to them? After the Europeans (Romans) sacked Jerusalem and burnt down the Temple of Solomon, the authentic Jewish priests escaped with the Ark of the Covenant and numerous scriptures of God. The children of God took these items to the land of Ham where they knew God’s creation will always be safe against all odds. They understood that Africa was a place where God began his word of creation that will never be void; they understood that it was a place of a great and new beginning for Abraham, they accepted the fact that it was a safe haven for baby Jesus in time of destruction, and ultimately, they knew that no matter the circumstance, there is nothing in Africa that will ever be lost. This is why till this day; the Dead Sea scrolls and the gospel of Mary Magdalene and Thomas were found in Egypt. Do you also know that the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia (Cush) – Child of Ham?

It was not long that the Europeans (Romans) began to convert to both Judaism and Christianity. Christianity became an official European religion while others in the minority still practiced Judaism in Europe. It is this Judaic practicing Europeans that have little or nothing to do with the authentic Jews that wanted a state of Israel. They are the ones Hitler and their fellow Europeans tried to destroy and make scapegoats for their economic problems. They are also the ones oppressing the Palestinians and taking more land than they were approved to occupy by the western powers. They are now the ones destroying the ancient land of Lebanon for two Jewish soldiers that are maybe not up to twenty five years of age, despite the fact that Israel has tons of Lebanese and Arabs captives in Israeli prisons. The western powers are watching and enjoying the confusion they have created in the Middle East. After all, the creation of Israel against the will of the Arabs makes the protection of Israel a justified reason for the western powers to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs and exploit it. They reasoned that European Jews have a right to kill and weaken the Arabs, who have been labeled as terrorist.

My solution to this crisis is that Israel should never have been created. Since it now exists, the United Nations must first apologies to the Palestinians, with the lead of the United States and England, and then should appeal to the Palestinians to let the erroneous creation of Israel exist on generous Palestinian terms. The Jews have being living with them in peace in Palestine for centuries since the Roman sacking of Jerusalem. This problem started after the Europeans took some of their Judaism practicing citizens and forced them on a Palestine that Jews where already living freely. Every nation has the right to fight and defend its honor even when they lack technological might. How will the United States of America (USA) have felt during the civil war, if the Russians with the help of the South defeated the United States’ army and made the South an independent nation? Do not do to others what you do not want done to you.

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