Spiritual Secret of Nelson Mandela's Success
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
December 7, 2013
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The entire world is celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela as the man who united South Africa as a rainbow nation by preventing Black retaliation against White lives and property for decades of apartheid rule – Black slavery and segregation put together.

In reality, we are actually celebrating Mandela for fulfilling and teaching the world the deep spiritual meaning of truth and honesty being triumphant over evil and the love of money. The truth is that the intentional oppression of any people for the sake of amassing wealth and power is evil and wrong. The honesty is that someone has to stand up against the corruption of money or fears of losing money to speak the truth. This is what the world is celebrating Mandela for. Despite evil’s retaliation against Mandela, he was not bitter for the 27 years he spent in prison because he understood that the spirituality of good will always be superior to human or physical evil in the long run.

Mandela was prepared for the spiritual battle for good, but the Apartheid Government of White South Africa underestimated him as any human that will submit to the pain of physical evil. Mandela was a legitimate African prince under a forceful White colonization and he could have easily submitted himself to White rule as a figurehead or a cheap mouthpiece in exchange for the corrupt “milk and honey” from the master’s table.

Contrarily, the mighty African prince looked evil in the face and told it that he was prepared to loss his life in honor of good (God). Three decades later, evil exhausted itself and begged the agent of good to become their president in order to save South Africa from the problems it had created.

The spiritual moral of Nelson Mandela’s life is that we must put truth and honesty in whatever we do before the love of money, power, and status. The former will always heal and unify, while the latter will always destroy and create an underclass to be oppressed. If the Christians, Muslims, Africans, Jews, and Arabs can learn anything from Mandela, it is that the politics of inclusion of all in order to have equal share, opportunity, and representation should become the goal of our democratic principles of today. The politics of exclusion that intentionally breeds poverty, hunger, oppression, and wars just to favor a wealthy minority must be abolished by any means necessary forever.

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