The future of African Religion ( Part5)
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Contributions of Popular Traditional African Religion Everywhere (PTARE)

The first naming of the divine, netcher, god, or netcheru divinity from which some say the English word nature is ultimately derived. The first trinity: Ausar, Auset, Heru which has been repeated by Amen ,Mut ,Khonsu and then God, the father ,God the son, God the holy spirit. The Christians took out the mother who represented Auset and gave Christians a virgin Mary, but she was no god. Asase Yaa is Mother Earth but no one can have a son without a mother? The first idea of a son or daughter of God. Sa RA or Sa RA. The first black stone altars long before the Kaaba was revealed at Mecca. The first example of the resurrection from the dead Ausar. This is also where we find that the Neb Ankh-lord of life was not a sarcophagus, that is not a flesh eater, but something that spoke of life.? The name god of Amen now used by others in their prayers.? The idea that your good should not outweigh your evil, that your soul should be lighter than a feather, that perfection is not what is sought after, but overwhelming goodness.? the complimentarily of males and females, different roles but not subjugation. Mawu and Lisa, male and female-Auset and Ausar, complementarity.? The first records of áncestors wisdom. The books of Ptanhotep, kagemni, Duauf.? The idea of heaven and earth, nutgeb, Auset is called ,Lady of Heaven.

Here in Africa humans have prayed to God longer than on any other continent. When the pyramids were finished, Europe had given the world not one organized civilization, even Asia was just stirring. Just look at the broad chronology:

?2500B.C.-The African people along the river valleys of he eastern highlands floated stones down the Nile to help monuments to God.?2500Hsia Dynasty rises in China ?2200B.C. Harrapa and Mohenjo Daro were found in India ?800BC Homer is the first voice of the Greeks ?500Romans come to power in Europe.?639A.D. Arabs are able to cross into Africa with force under General El As from Arabia-Yemen. Africans made the idea of he beautiful and the good one world nfrnefer. Ptare gave the world its first ethical system:Maat-balance ,harmony, justice , righteousness, reciprocity, order-Maat was the only major deity without priesthood since all were priests of Maat.

The idea of eternal life-Ankh neheh was African. The first libation, offerings and burning of incense as ritual forms.

The ten commandments were preceded by the 42 confessions in the Egyptian book of the Dead or more accurately the Egyptian book of coming forth by Day. Ptare gave the idea of collective and communal salvation rather than a rampant individualism which says save me and rest of the world go to hell.

The Future

All futures are made by human beings. But begins with consciousness which precedes Afrocentricity.
A few days a go I walked into a Kumasi restaurant and found that I could get Ghanaian food by pre-arranged request. But western food was immediately available. Imported .Are African Gods only on request? We determine this by how we live.

The Wolof and Senegal say wood may remain in water for ten years but it will not become a crocodile. We live Africa by living its tried and true values and customs-this is credit to our Gods. Almost all of the disarray in Africa can be traced to the disruption of the traditional religion. In fact, one can go from county to country and find that the cause of the problems can be laid at the feet of alien civilizations. This is not a wild statement; it is based on deep reflection and study. I believe in African Gods and believe that just as we exported our cultural forms in music, art and science, the world needs a more sane and sensible ethic.

What Must Be Done

We must talk to our elders–those who have not abandoned the traditions-consult the priests, learn from them, and discover the source of our problems.

Remove all images of a white Jesus.

This is not correct even if one so Christian. The historical Jesus had been black in color despite the missionaries´ attempt to paint him English and Swedish. We must believe that our names are as sacred as Arabic or European names. We must understand that when others extend their values, religion and institutions they are penetrating our traditions with the poison of alien power that teaches us to hate ourselves and to love our oppressors. Meanwhile, they never follow the prescriptions they leave for us.

We must enhance the economic, political and military power of African states because a lack of such power creates self doubt, identity crisis and a search fro the material gods of the west who seem to produce these things. But spirit is greater if we use it and we can only use it if we practice. We need boldness from our leaders to accomplish this transformation.

The British called Harry Lee the best Englishman east of the British Isles when he finished Oxford. He changed his name, converted to Confucianism and they wondered what happened to him. He learned Mandarin Chinese and became Lee Kuan Yew, a leader who rejected western values.

Asians are calling for Confucianism as they emphasize tradition. The Japanese are calling for Nihonjinron, Japanese values. Why must we be suck with the attitudes and values of the European, so called Christian values……To be continued.

Excerpts from Professor Molefi Kete Asante lecture at the Dubois Center Accra, Ghana on the The Future of African Gods :The Clash of Civilizations .

The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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