The Problem With Obama's Health Care Plan
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
August 19, 2009
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The problems many Republicans want us to think about President Obama’s health care reform has absolutely nothing to do with the impossibility of funding it, putting America into further debt, or the unjustified benefit of insuring all Americans. The truth is that the Republican Party’s idea of capitalism solely depends on the necessity of maintaining poor class that labors for sustenance.

Wealth in terms of knowledge and health surpasses money. Any civilization that was able to resolve its health issues usually had the time and the peace of mind to pursue both knowledge and money adequately. To keep a people poor to remain the cheap labor force for the rich, all you have to do is make them choose between health and food. The search for more money in the midst of poverty usually leads to crime, imprisonments, bad credit, no transportation, alcohol, drugs, and ultimately, unemployment.

The Republican Party will always wage a war against a affordable health care for all Americans because it will eliminate their wealth generators. If the poor can adequately not worry about their health and begin to focus their minds on education and business in order to better themselves, then they would have transformed themselves from mere wealth generators to competitors for the American pie.

Even the poor Republicans know that if the poorer class is maintained, which will create the wealth for the rich Republicans to acquire businesses, the business money will trickle down to them as the first to be hired and promoted. They also know that if President Obama succeeds in his health care plan, thereby opening the door of prosperity for all Americans to compete for, that they now have to work twice as hard despite the fact that American will become a mightier, greater, and a more prosperous nation.

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