Obama: The Relationship Between God, Blacks, and Obama
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
January 17, 2009
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Jesus once said in Luke 8:16 that a light does not exist to be hidden, but instead, it is established to be seen by all. He also said in Matthew 21:42 that the stone that was rejected by the builders has now become the cornerstone. Light and cornerstone symbolizes what God has established that can never be changed. It can be transformed from one form to another or covered in lies and deceit, but when all is said and done, it all returns to the original state as it was declared by the creator. It is the same God that ordered light out of darkness, that also ordered a cornerstone, which is a stone laid at a formal ceremony that has basic importance, from a pile of rejected stones that was considered inferior by mankind.

Every and any Biblical or Middle Eastern scholar of worth who has the ability to study, to think, and to reason in the 21st century will tell you without fear or political cohesion that God does not only take His chosen ones seriously, but will always maintain His established order. They would also admit to you in a second that God did not only establish humanity in Africa (Garden of Eden – Ethiopia/Sudan), but also established His covenants in Africa and with Africans for humanity. Only 4 generations of Abraham stand out from this fact. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), and some of his 12 sons were fully Arabian. After God told them to settle in Africa, Abraham and his sons did everything they could to stay away from Canaanite and Egyptian women (all Africans), but they could not because it was not God’s will. Joseph did not only marry an Egyptian (Genesis 41:45, 46:20), but Judah himself, ancestor of Jesus, was in bed with a Canaanite (Genesis 38). So Israel (12 sons of Jacob), is a product of Arabian fathers and African mothers. In fact, in Ezekiel 16:45, God says of Jerusalem that their mother is a Hittite and their father an Amorite. These are both children of the Canaanites in Genesis 10:15-16. So, God is basically telling Israel after many generations from Abraham that they are Africans (Canaanite). Also in Genesis 46:13, 16, & 21, some of the grandchildren of Israel were named Tola (Yoruba), Eri (Urhobo), and Ehi (Edo) respectively before they moved from Canaan to Egypt. Even Abraham could not change the establishment of God’s order. African was where God started his relationship with humanity and it is to Africa humanity will always come to find God no matter the politics, lies, and deceit. Real Israelites or Jews will never fight Arabs or Africans because they know who their parents are. Only Europeans who practice Judaism (a religion not Abraham’s blood line) will go create Israel the country and kill Arabs (Israel’s father) for it.

For evil to take over the world, Africa had to fall, be colonized, and be enslaved away from God. Africa had to have its destiny with God disoriented and relegated to the economic and political background for evil to fully establish itself amongst humans. Many Anthropologists who have worked in Africa would tell you that unlike other peoples, no matter what happens to Africa, you can never take spirituality away from it. An African will always worship or belief in something no matter what. This is because the relationship with God was all we had before gold and silver, and we are still like that to this day even thought we have been led to a state of confusion by external forces through conquest. No matter what you do to an African, you can kill his children, take his land, put him in prison falsely, take away his rights, or change his language and culture; he will still believe and worship something. This was why African slavery was very successful against the prosperity of his children, but still, he worships and believes beyond anyone else. This is how God established humanity through Africans before mankind began to migrate to other parts of the world to become what they are today through various climatic and survival conditions.

The world’s hatred for God has not only reduced Africa to a pitiful state, but has also given humanity abundant stereotypes why not to trust, respect, or associate with Africans. It is not only a place where you dump expired products and technology, but it is also of place synonymous with poverty, brain drain, incompetent leadership, and scarcity. God has not only had enough of this mockery, but has decided to prove to humanity that the foolishness of God is mightier than the wisdom of men. In the land, where Africans are supposed to be slaves, suffer from racial profiling, subjects to police brutality, scapegoats of the prison systems, and benefactors of welfare and unemployment checks, God gave them a President Bush that was so God forsaken that the people of the land forgot that Obama was of African descent. A son of an African is an African. Even by American standard, a drop of Black blood means you are Black, unless you are light skinned enough with straight hair to play it off. A son of an African, who is supposed to be the scum and pig in the civilized world, will become the President and the most powerful man in the entire civilized world on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 12 noon.

Obama – An African married to an African woman with African children in the White House!!! What is the world going to say now? How will they now justify all the lies they have told for centuries about Black people? After all the economic and political strangulations on Africa and Africans, the African son is still their King even on their own soil like God established it since the beginning of time. This is a spiritual end to the era of evil in God’s creation. This symbolizes the peak of man’s power against God’s will. Man can only do so much and then expire. The evil system has no other choice but to seat and watch how God is going to re-establish His order of things through the success and amazement of Obama. No longer will they see a Black child and expect less, no longer will a Black child speak and the world not listen, and no longer will Black families expect less for their leaders and political systems. The original purpose of God’s creation for humanity is here to stay and there is no going back. The light has shone out of the darkness and the cornerstone has been established. But what do all Black people need to do now to work as agents of God and be a plan of God’s fulfillment for humanity?

All Black people need to have a good understand who they are in the spirit, in history, and in the modern era. A lot of Black people are living in a state of colonial mentality without knowledge of themselves, their true image and identity, and their personal and divine purpose on earth as assigned by God. Many do not know where to go to find the happiness that God promised them from the beginning of time. Instead, the thongs and pressures of life have derailed them to become the followers of man instead of the pleasures and inheritance of the chosen one that we genuinely are. Many go to Reverends, Pastors, and Imams for spiritual guidance towards God’s happiness and fulfillment, but unfortunately, many of these spiritual leaders are even in a greater need for assistance than the people coming to meet them. This is why many spiritual leaders are more interested in satisfying the thongs and the pressures of live than actually making it to heaven.

I will humble and gladly recommend that every one of us get the book title “The Political and Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land”. It is a book that was specifically written as the platform or foundation for a spiritual revelation of truth to all Black peoples. It is not just a book that was written to resolve the issues of the Holy land and Africa, but also to enlighten the world about the role of God and Africans in the sanity of humanity. It can be ordered at any major bookstore, but I recommend that you get it online to reduce expense. The books talks about what the Holy Land is (countries included), who owns the Holy Land, the ethnic peoples of the Holy Land, the Semites (Arabs) and the Hamish (Africans), Difference between God’s promise of land and seed to Abraham, the culture, language, & academia of the seed, the race of the seed, the looting of Ham (Africa), and the solution to peace in all of the Holy Land. Do not go far into 2009 without it. Obama is going to take the world by storm very early and you better be aligned with God’s destiny quickly or miss the train. God waits for no one and does not need anybody. Black History Month in the Western Hemisphere is in the month of February, so every resolution you have made for yourself and family must be well rooted before then. The era of pain and being neglected is over. You can never follow God truly and fully unless you know and understand His original relationship with you before conquest and colonization. God is great!!!! Africans will succeed!!!! Obama will not let God down!!!! Spread the word!!!

Book: https://edofolks.com/political


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The book is meant for people who are hopeful but seem not to have yet found their purpose on earth. This book will help enable people and communities to progress with a peace of mind towards their destiny.

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