Nigerian Mentality: The Relationship between YarAdua and Kanu
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
May 26, 2010
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Before YarAdua took office as President of Nigeria, many Nigerians came out to warn us about his bad state of health and informed us that he was not physically fit to be president. When he became president, many Nigerians ran out to inform the world that YarAdua had secretly ran to Germany or Saudi Arabia for one health problem or the other without informing the people. Soon, the President of Nigeria, the most populous Black and African nation on earth, was stranded in Arab land for 5 months without handing over power to his Vice nor informing the people about the nature of his departure. Still, the people complained that his health was bondage for Nigeria. It was not long, God saw the suffering and destitute of the Nigerian nation and ended the bondage.

To my surprise, many of the Nigerians that where complaining from the time YarAdua wanted to run for office till now began to call him a great man that was manipulated by evil doers and people who hated the country. Some even said he meant well for the nation, but his health did not allow him to perform. Others said he wrote a letter to transfer power to his Vice before going to Arab land, but the evil doers did not deliver it. Yet, some said his wife was a bad wife who put power before the health of her husband. Are Nigerians that weak? Do we see the end or death of injustice and then forget to learn from the past?

A great leader or a good man is the same in thought, speech, and deed. If you are sick, why run for office in the first place? If you have nothing to hide from the people, why sneak to Saudi for medical attention under the disguise of a minor Hajj? Why must you go to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to tell Nigerians that your medical records are in Germany to legitimize your state of health? If YarAdua was truly a good man and loved Nigeria, why did he not resign publicly before leaving or hands over to Jonathan temporarily like the constitution demanded? If YarAdua was more scared or loyal to the Northern Islamic Oligarchy than the Nigerian Constitution, was he then a good Nigerian leader if you consider him to be a leader at all? If he truly wrote a transfer of power letter to be delivered but was not by his northern subordinates, then was he even a President? When you allow yourself to be a tool to be used for evil, by evil, and made of evil, then you are one of them. Any descent person would resist being used if he was any different.

Even if a northern Muslim must be president, it does not have to be a sick one. Whenever you take a position that is not meant for you, you do not only prevent God and goodness from taking control, but rather, you empower and energize the evils that placed you there for their purposes. Nothing on earth happens by chance. You are either for it or against it. To be totally neutral is to empower evil. By YarAdua saying publicly and declaring that he was well and was not dead, when in actuality, he was very sick and is now dead, sold Nigeria for the past 3 years to the enemies of Nigerian progress and prosperity. YarAdua was a bad man and hated Nigeria by his actions. His wife and his subordinates basically carried out his will consciously or unconsciously because that is exactly who he was.

Kanu is another Nigerian YarAdua in the sports arena. All over the internet, reasonable people and talking about his age, fitness, and his greatly diminished value. Sports commentators are saying he must be about 42, his coach at Portsmouth jokes that he is 40, but Nigerians still want him to lead us to the World Cup like YarAdua must be president of Nigeria. While great players like Ronaldinho (age 30) of AC Milan and Brazil, as well as Totti (age 33) of AS Roma and Italy, who are both World Cup winners within the last two World Cups, have been left out of the World Cup, Nigeria is still dragging Kanu to the World Cup. Are Nigerians this weak, emotional, and visionless? For the past 3-4 years, Kanu has been unable to secure more than a one year contract in Portsmouth, a team that has been relegated to a lower division. This is the second or third team that has taken Kanu in that has been relegated. No descent team in Europe wants Kanu and remnants that want him never give him more than a year contract. When they take Kanu in, he is not allowed to play a full game (at least most of the time) and those teams are so bad that they eventually get relegated. Is this the man that the Giant of African is taking to the World Cup as their captain? How many games did Kanu play in the African Nations Cup and how did he perform against Saudi Arabia this week? Please give Nigerians some honor in the eyes of the world!!!

Nigerians must stand up collectively and demand that truth be implemented in our politics, economics, social life, and in sports always. If Kanu goes to the World Cup 2010, he will not only be hindering the progress of a suitable Nigerian player or Nigerian football at large, but it shows that Nigeria is still a nation for YarAdua and Babangida – a nation of bondage and mediocrity.

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